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Behind the Stripes

  • Matchbook Magazine Feature!

    Posted 25 February 2014

    Shop our outfits here
    Read the full article here

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  • Halloween #TBT: The Tuckernuck Team in Costume

    Posted 01 November 2013

    In honor of Halloween (and the fact that it's a Thursday), the Tuckernuck team is throwing it back to our trick-or-treating days. For all of you who played our who's who game on Instagram...the results are in!
    Sophie, dressed as a narwahl.  Maddy (right) dolled up as a clown princess.
    September (left) dressed as Jasmine, from Aladdin.  Jocelyn (right) all done up as...well...we're not exactly sure what. 
    Foster (left) jazzed up as Michael Jackson.  Emily (right) decked out as Minnie Mouse.
    Caroline (left) cackling as a witch.  Molly (right) enjoying some hard-earned treats.

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  • Team Outing: The Gold Cup

    Posted 28 October 2013

    There's almost no better way to celebrate fall than at a tailgate.  The Tuckernuck team set up shop at the 76th annual International Gold Cup steeplechase in Virginia and spent the day enjoying mimosas, cider, foliage, and friends while watching the races.
    Apple cider spiked with Sophie's favorite island rum, Cruzan Dark, topped off with cinnamon sticks was the perfect addition to our cozy tailgate attire.

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  • Maddy's Trip to Germany

    Posted 18 October 2013

    There’s no better time to visit Germany than the Fall. Yes, it is true that Munich celebrates its famous Oktoberfest for 16 days starting in September and ending the first weekend in October. Liters of delicious German beer, soft pretzels, blondes in Dimdl’s and live music are hard to resist. But, it’s also true that there is more to Germany than Oktoberfest in Fall.

    Maddy, our co-founder got to experience both the world-renowned Bavarian festival and the crisp air and orange leaves at the foot of the German Alps in a small ski town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the Eibsee Hotel. Here are some pictures from her special trip, where she reconnected with her German roots (Jocelyn and Maddy’s grandma is German and their Dad lived in Garmisch for 4 years).

    Maddy and Paul stayed at an all-wooden hotel at the foot of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain and a few miles from Garmisch-Partenkirchen where the 1936 Winter Olympics were held.
    This famous castle was built as an ode to the composer Richard Wagner’s work and served as inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle.
    A view of King Ludwig II's palace and gorgeous gardens.
    Munich! Oktoberfest with Toby, Maddy’s brother, and his buddies who met up with Maddy after running the Berlin Marathon the week prior and rewarded themselves in the Spatenbrau tent.
    Farewell to Germany and a big Thank You to Maddy’s family friends who showed her the German way to an authentic Oktoberfest experience. PROST! 
    When she wasn't in her dirndl, Maddy was showing off some of our favorite fall items.  Click here to see the Tuckernuck clothing that Maddy packed for the trip!



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  • #Tuckernucking: Let's go Apple Picking

    Posted 04 October 2013

    We've mentioned that back-to-school nostalgia that sets in like clockwork after Labor Day, a reminder that we've said goodbye to certain fall rituals (no more new trapper keepers, shopping sprees at Gap Kids, or freshly decorated classrooms...sigh) -- but there are a few fall traditions that hold up better than the first day of school jitters.  For us, apple picking happens to fall at the very top of that list.

    We decided to map out some of our favorite orchards along the East Coast--places we discovered while at college in Vermont, Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, growing up outside of Boston or in DC, and on family leaf peeping trips around New England. Find whichever one is closest to you, break out your Barbour and new boots, and spend an afternoon climbing trees and drinking cider.   You might not be packing the apples in your new lunch box or placing them on your homeroom teacher's desk on Monday morning, but you can spend Sunday afternoon baking pie and watching football, which is really almost just as good.  Oh, and don't forget to send us your #Tuckernucking photos of it all.

    Virginia:  Carter Mountain Orchard was a regular target for Caroline and her friends while at college in Virginia.  Just over two hours outside of DC and nestled in the countryside near Charlottesville, a visit to this orchard can also make for solid day-long country escape for those of us in the Capital.

    Maryland: Homestead Farm is a forty-five minute drive from DC and an even shorter trip from Emily's hometown in Maryland, making it her go-to orchard growing up.

    Pennsylvania: Brecknock Orchard in Pennsylvania is just an hour away from September, Maddy, and Sophie's alma mater, making it one of their favorite escapes during college.

    Connecticut: Belltown Hill Orchards is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Emily's alma matter in the countryside of Connecticut. 

    Rhode Island: Dame Farm and Orchards in Rhode Island was a favorite escape for Jocelyn during her days as a student in Providence.

    Massachusetts: Bolton Orchards, just about an hour north of Boston, was a regular (and favorite) field trip destination for Molly as a kid.

    New York: For those who need an ironic escape from the Big Apple, head to Greig Farm in Red Hook, NY.  Since it's a two hour drive north of the city, make a day of it and enjoy lunch in nearby Hudson or Rhinebeck, both known for farm-to-table fare and antiquing.

    Vermont: Happy Valley Orchard, just a five minute drive from Middlebury College, was an easy and favorite destination for Molly and her friends during college.

    New Hampshire: Emily has fall memories of leaf-peeping at Apple Crest Farm in New Hampshire, one of her favorite spots for apple picking.


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  • Team Favorites

    Posted 30 September 2013

    To shop our curated collection of fall favorites, click here.

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  • Scenes from our Latest Celebration

    Posted 24 September 2013

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  • NYFW Street Style

    Posted 18 September 2013

    Click to shop our collection of florals, black & white, statement necklaces, and embellished pieces.

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  • Behind the Scenes: Fall 2013 Photo Shoot

    Posted 12 September 2013

    Take a peek behind the scenes of our Fall 2013 photo shoot, a celebration of everything we love about this vibrant, inspirational season.

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  • Garden Fresh Gazpacho

    Posted 03 September 2013

    For those of us in the North East, a rainy, chilly spring postponed this year's tomato season.  But now, at long long last, with a garden full of ripe (and almost ripe) tomatoes, we decided to make a late-summer gazpacho.  We even threw a few of the green ones in because...why not?  All, well, almost all, of the vegetables in this recipe were picked minutes before being thrown into a Cuisinart--what's better than that?  A Spanish dish that dates back several centuries, this chilled soup has evolved into a bunch of different recipes.  We consider this one the "kitchen sink" iteration, in which whatever fresh veggies you have on hand can be pureed to create a crisp, light, and refreshing cold soup.  We love serving gazpacho for al fresco lunches, as a first course at dinner, or served in a shot glass as a passed hors d'oeuvre. Here's hoping for an Indian summer....

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  • Summer's Best Sunsets

    Posted 21 August 2013

    There are so many things we love about summer, but sunsets happen to be at the top of our list.  What is better than watching the sun go down in colors after a long day of enjoying its company?  Check out some of our favorite sunsets of this season...

    Nantucket, MA.

    Los Angeles, CA.

    Mount Desert Island, Maine.

    Fishers Island, New York.

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  • Summer Adventures #Tuckernucking

    Posted 13 August 2013

    In between photo shoots, chatting with customers, and curating our fall collection, Team Tuckernuck has made time to travel, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors...or as we like to say, #Tuckernucking.  Here's a peek at some of our summer highlights so far.Sophie, our Creative Director, spent a week in Maine with her family and came back with stunning pictures from her sailing adventures.  Recognize any of this scenery from our email blasts?  Follow Sophie's voyages on Instagram @sophiav
    Co-Founder, Jocelyn, spent a long weekend in Paris taking in the city's art, architecture, and food.  Jetset with Jocelyn on Instagram @jomoga

    Co-Founder, Maddy, flew out to Kansas with her fiancé, Paul, to meet his extended family...they also found time to go fresh water fishing and to find the world's largest ball of twine, ladies and gentlemen.  Join Maddy's adventures on Instagram @madstermo

    Editorial Manager, Molly, skipped over to the West Coast where she explored Portland, Oregon by bike and the nearby wine country by tastes of Pinot Noir. Track Molly's travels on Instagram @mollydwyer


    Community Manager, Emily, traveled from DC up to Fishers Island in New York for a big reunion with her girlfriends from college.  What could possibly be better than enjoying this view with old friends?  Hang out with Emily on Instagram @emhayez

    Co-Founder, September, spent a weekend on Sea Island, where she was able to relax with friends in between...shark fishing expeditions!  Catch September on Instagram @septembaa


    Like anything we're wearing?  Find it here!

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  • Farm Weekend

    Posted 26 June 2013

    There's nothing like escaping the city for a weekend in the country during summer heat waves in Washington, DC.  Sticking to an annual tradition, the Tuckernuck team pitched their tents at Blue Ridge Farm for 48 hours of BBQ's, sporting competitions, sleeping under the stars and reuniting with old friends. We never turn down an active social fête, especially those that offer the chance to photograph friends and family in some of our favorite Tuckernuck gear.  Boast tennis apparel, seersucker pants and red, white, and blue ensembles all made their way to Upperville, VA and into these pictures. Look out for more images from this weekend in our upcoming e-blasts!

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  • Behind the Scenes: Tuckernuck's Summer Photo Shoot

    Posted 03 June 2013

    For our summer photo shoot, we packed up our car and headed north to the beautiful shores of New Jersey. We got lost a couple of times, stopped for some serious junk food and argued over the playlist. All in all, it was the typical family road trip that we all remember as children (without the hair pulling and whining of course) that marked the beginning of summer and long care-free days. We ended up in the country's oldest vacation areas, full of rich history for countless generations of families. After the destruction and long winter that followed Hurricane Sandy, we found a lovely shore that was stronger and more resilient than ever! 

    We hope you enjoy this window into what reminds of summer...sandy toes, windblown hair, playful beach days, elegant cocktail parties, chargrilled meals, lazy sunsets, dripping ice cream, and of course, friends and family! As always, we invite you to start #tuckernucking along with us. 

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  • Tuckernucking at Spring Charity Events

    Posted 09 May 2013

    We were thrilled when invitations to fun charity events started sprouting up with the tulips this spring, giving us a great excuse to come out of hibernation to see friends, donate to important causes, and of course, show off some of our favorite spring dresses.  

    Maddy, Sophie and September co-hosted a Sumeria event to benefit charities including The Carver Project, Washington Tennis & Education Foundation, and BUILD.  Recognize any of these folks from our seasonal catalogs, Tuckernuck Styled Posts, and product shots?

    Emily wore one of our favorite little red dresses to the event, while Maddy, September, and Sophie rocked pieces from Cynthia Steffe and Paper Crown.

    Maddy and September were also hosts at the Corcoran Ball, which raised funds for art education programs in DC.

    Weren't their dresses perfect for the gorgeous event?

    Scenes from the Corcoran ball, featuring Britt Ryan, Persifor and...Maddy's fiancé, Paul (pictured on the left)!

    When we're not wearing Tuckernuck, we're in our gym clothes...Team Tuckernuck participated in Cycle for Survival, an indoor cycling event that raised money for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

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  • Entertaining Idea: DIY Bloody Mary's

    Posted 08 May 2013

    If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that a good Bloody Mary always hits the spot.  Everyone has their favorite ingredient--horseradish, hot sauce, stuffed olives--the list continues. So, we devised a sure plan to satisfy all of our brunch guests, a DIY Bloody Mary Bar. Last weekend, Molly and Jocelyn ran around Tribeca collecting the ingredients from local grocers for a springtime celebration on Jocelyn's rooftop.  They rounded up a range of fix-in's and reported back on Bloody Mary Bar essentials...

     Jocelyn and Molly set up the bar on an antique garden table, and added texture to the spread with fresh flowers and topiaries, a coral book end, and vintage soda bottles.  

    An assortment of unusual spices and hot sauces allows guests to add some kick to their creations.Celery is an obvious must, but Jocelyn and Molly added other unexpected greens like jalepeños, cornichons, and olives.Our Carved Solutions Old Fashioned glasses turned out to be the perfect container for the cocktail.  To add sophistication to the presentation, Jocelyn suggested using placecard holders to label the ingredients.Jocelyn and Molly couldn't help but treat themselves to a drink before their guests arrived.  A cheese plate turned out to be the perfect hors d'oeuvre to complement their custom concoctions. 

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  • Central Park in Bloom

    Posted 06 May 2013

    After this year's extra-long winter, we've been more excited than ever to shed our sweaters and enjoy some well-deserved sunshine.  Few places get as much love during this season as Central Park, a shared backyard for millions of New Yorkers and the most visited urban park in the United States.  Molly skipped out of the office on Friday evening to stroll through the park and enjoy a glass of rosé with a friend, the perfect way to kick off a weekend full of spring weather.

    Central Park opened in 1857 and has been a haven for New Yorkers ever since, proving our theory that some things never go out of style.Home to 29 sculptures and over 25,000 trees, the park is perfect for inspiring creativity and romance.The Central Park Boathouse is an idyllic location for outdoor meals and cocktails.  Recognize it from scenes in "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sex and the City"?

    Visitors can even rent canoes at the Boathouse, where they can enjoy views of both the city skyline and surrounding greenery from its small pond.There's simply no better way to toast spring than with a glass of Rosé.

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  • Blogger Conference in Dallas: What Emily Wore

    Posted 25 April 2013


    Emily packed her bags with some of her favorite Tuckernuck items for a weekend-long blogging conference in Dallas.  On the first day, she wore our Ali Ro anorak, Lele Sadoughi Gold Falcon Necklace, polka dot Anniel flats, and Shoshanna Painted Poppy Pants.

    The event took place at the beautiful Hotel ZaZa, which also happened to be the perfect setting for poolside cocktails...

    On the second day, Emily wore an Icon Shirt, Lele Sadoughi Lotus NecklaceManuel Canovas Bonnie Skirt, a Persifor Metallic Cork Belt, and Visconti Manila Sandals.

    Emily made time to meet with some of our favorite bloggers, including Carly from the College Prepster, and Mackenzie of Design Darling.

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  • Sophie's St. Thomas Sailing Regatta

    Posted 08 April 2013


    Sailing has always been a part of my life, beginning with my childhood on St. Thomas, an island that is blessed with a steady tradewind breeze and gorgeous weather.  Despite being a tiny dot on the map in the Caribbean, the St. Thomas Yacht Club manages to host large sailing regattas, to which the most talented sailors from around the world travel.  One of these regattas is the International Rolex Regatta, which I have competed in for as long as I can remember.   

    This year I escaped the never-ending DC winter for a beautiful racing weekend.  I reunited with my sailing partner from high school and best bud since diapers, Taylor Canfield, who is now one of the highest-ranking skippers in the world. The rest of the crew included my sister, her husband, and two other close friends.  We weren’t expecting to walk home with a new timepiece on our wrists (winners of each class receive a shiny new Rolex watch) but what we lacked in expertise, we made up for in margarita-mixing and high-fiving.

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  • Behind the Scenes: Spring 2013 Photo Shoot

    Posted 22 March 2013

    Behind the Scenes: Tuckernuck Spring Photo Shoot 2013 from Tuckernuck on Vimeo.

    At the Tuckernuck HQ, we look at each season as an excuse to gather for a massive photoshoot: a celebration that highlights people we know, clothes we actually wear, and familiar settings that are dear to us.  That celebration culminates in our seasonal catalog, which we are always excited to share with all of you.

    We always select shoot locations that have personal meaning to our team, and that offer a historically rich, enticing backdrop for our scenes. The Main Line is a group of suburban towns outside of Philadelphia that are connected by the Main train line.  We all grew up watching old movies like The Young Philadelphians or The Philadelphia Story and dreaming of these grand homes filled with stars like Katherine Hepburn, Paul Newman and Jimmy Stewart. Style icons Grace Kelly and Tory Burch grew up in this historic area and contributed to the enduring, All-American style that has graced the residents for generations.

    As luck would have it, September, our co-founder grew up there as well. We took over her mother’s home and set up camp for a two-day shoot that entailed vintage cars, poker games, an Easter egg hunt, a few fake nuptials, a trip to the old book shop and a final scene at the timeless Wayne Train Station. 

    Our models were all friends that hailed from NYC, Philadelphia and DC and were incredibly patient as we dressed and redressed them in endless outfits.

    We hope you enjoy shopping the 2013 Catalog as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.  Our entire team thanks you for your continued support!  See you on the Eastern Shore just in time for summer. 

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  • Après Ski in Lake Tahoe

    Posted 01 March 2013

    A day on the ski slopes with good company always reminds us to see the bright side of winter.

    We loved going to the Cottonwood, in Truckee, California for a hearty meal.  

    We were also nuts for their vintage ski display and warm, hanging lights.

    S'mores are the ultimate comfort food, especially when made with close friends.

    Nothing warms up the winter like a raging fire.

    Winter in February can be such a drag, but ski trips this time of year always help us see the bright side the season. Instead of fighting the snow, why not celebrate it?  Northstar, one of the resorts in Lake Tahoe, is neither too challenging for beginners nor too easy for more advanced skiiers, making it the perfect destination for friends and family of varying levels. While a day on the slopes is a perfect way to embrace winter, there's really nothing quite like a well-earned après ski evening.  A glass of red wine and some jacuzzi time can do wonders for tired muscles, but our favorite post-ski treat is always cozying up to a warm fire. Many Lake Tahoe hotels offer outdoor fire pits, and ours even handed out s'more kits, which practically made us giddy.  Sure, we're excited to go back next year, but now that February has turned to March, we're finally ready to take on the spring!

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  • New York Fashion Week

    Posted 19 February 2013


    We love how these girls challenged a conservative look by adding some funk to their buttoned up collars.

    Boys, you can never go wrong with a classic wool blazer and tie.  We love how these guys added their own personality to theirs with dressed-down details like an imperfectly folded pocket square, patterned baseball hat, and shades.

    Wool overcoats were a trusty staple for show-goers.

    Did we mention our love for all things gingham and red, white, and blue? We love when the runway reminds us that our favorite things will never go out of style.

    Add a pop of color to a clean, black and white ensemble with a bag or patterned blouse.

    Tuckernuck teammate, Molly, took to the streets during NYFW last week in search of fashion followers who share our love of polished, classic looks.  We're always inspired by people who can refresh a timeless style with a hint of contemporary edge. 

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  • Emily's Homemade Valentines

    Posted 14 February 2013

    Tuckernuck teammate, Emily, surprised us all with hand-made Valentines.     

    Emily broke out all of her favorite arts-and-crafts tools for the project.  

    There are few things we love more than glitter, surprises, and Throwback Thursdays.  So, you can imagine our delight when Emily surprised us with homemade Valentines this morning, reminding us of the construction paper and glue-laden cards we used to make in grade school...only better.  

    Emily rediscovered her knack for arts and crafts with her 7-year-old neighbor, Max. In the process, she found the Valentine she gave her mom back in 1996.  We're thrilled (relieved?) to see how far Emily's design sense has come in the last seventeen years.

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  • A Winter Wedding

    Posted 13 February 2013

    The bride chose a classic Vera Wang gown.

    Each of the bridesmaids wore a wreath of baby's breath for the ceremony.


    The bride's gold shoes matched the warm, sparkling tone of the reception.

     Sprays of baby's breath, gold linens, and candles gave the party a warm, inviting glow.

    Molly’s sister’s winter wedding on Nantucket brought together friends and family from across the country, which made for an intimate and lively celebration. The wedding guests traveled 30 miles at sea to the island where Cate and Adam first met when Adam was a lifeguard and Cate worked for a jeweler, over six years ago.

    From last minute lingerie and champagne shopping to corralling bridesmaids and calming the bride, the time leading up to a wedding is inevitably busy for the bridal party. 
    Here are Molly’s suggestions on how to be a rock-star bridesmaid:

    -   Create and lead a run-of-show for the wedding party so that everyone knows exactly where they need to be and what they need to prepare throughout the day, whether it’s hair appointments, ordering lunch for the bride, or entertaining guests. 

    -   Write your toast at least one week in advance and read it to yourself a couple of times per day leading up to the wedding.  Once you have it pretty much memorized, jot a few key words on a note card that you can glance at if you lose your place while speaking. It’s always more engaging to hear someone speak from the heart rather than pages of writing, but having a few notes in hand takes away the pressure of memorizing.

    -   As the maid of honor, you should be the one to wake the bride on her big day, especially if she is not seeing her groom before the wedding.  You must stay at her side throughout the day, handing her off to the father of the bride just before the ceremony. 

    -   Remind the bride to stay calm and appreciate her day and all of the people who are there to celebrate with her.  While you’re at it, do the same for her parents—they’ll be stressed too. 

    -   The bride will be constantly pulled into conversations at the reception.  If you sense her getting overwhelmed or abandoning her entrée, pull her aside and make sure she remembers to eat.  If you need an excuse to politely interrupt, say the photographer is looking for the bride—nobody argues with that! 

    -   Remember, they don’t call you a bridesmaid for nothing!  But make sure to enjoy the occasion and remember that the bride will do all of these things for you on your day!

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  • Jocelyn Throws a Baby Shower

    Posted 06 February 2013

    It's not every day that you get to throw a party for your first niece and sister-in-law, so Jocelyn jumped at the opportunity to host a baby shower at her NYC loft in their honor.  The mother to be's favorite hobby is gardening, so guests left with handmade party favors of glitter covered mason jars filled with paper white bulbs.

    The nursery is decorated in pink, blue and white, so those same colors were used as inspiration throughout the party. 

    The mother to be's favorite treats are macaroons.  They made for a very colorful dessert cart display. 

    Guests enjoyed cake pops from the famous New York Cake Pops and sipped on champagne and non-alcoholic beverages such as Pink Grapefruit GuS (Grownup Soda) from striped straws in theme colors from etsy.

    Floral decorations included pink and white orchids, cherry blossom branches, hydrangeas and these blooming paper whites.  The guests enjoyed seeing what their party favors would soon become. 

    Every baby shower needs a fun game... Jocelyn collected baby pictures from lots of relatives of the guest of honor and her husband.  Guests had to match the photos with the relatives... including a fake baby photo made out of pictures of the mom and dad to be.  

    A Knotted Rope Bowl made the perfect silverware holder for the buffet table.

    The best part of the afternoon was, of course, spending time with the Mom-to-be and other close friends and family.  Jocelyn is pictured on the far left, wearing her favorite Lele Sadoughi Vessel Earrings and her go-to Raina belt.

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  • A Simple Holiday Arrangement for Your Next Fete

    Posted 04 December 2012

    We've had lots of requests to write a post about our festive red, white and green flower arrangement from our Winter Lookbook.  Jocelyn is a huge fan of this arrangement for this time of year and often throws it together to add a splash of color to last minute fetes. 

    For this particular arrangement, you need to pick up a bag of Ocean Spray cranberries from the local grocery store and a variety of flowers from the bodega or flower store, including red Huckleberry Branches, white stock flowers, green trachelium and some green hydrangeas.  For the centerpiece, you will need a large clear vase.  First, add water followed by the cranberries.  Add as many cranberries as you think appropriate for your vase.  Next, cut the stock flowers so they are about 75% the height of the branches and then cut the green trachelium so they are 75% the height of the stock flowers.  Finally, add the Huckleberry branches to the vase and then intersperse the green trachelium and stock flowers amongst the branches.  

    Since we were doing the photo shoot with a large kitchen island in the foreground we also filled our knot rope bowl with red and green apples and our coil rope vase with green hydrangeas to fill out the centerpiece.  In the spring this arrangement looks lovely with cherry blossoms in place of Huckleberry branches and limes in place of cranberries.  Email us your festive holiday arrangements at       

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  • The Annual Nantucket Cranberry Festival

    Posted 20 November 2012

    The cranberry bogs are flooded with water for easy gathering.

    Multiple generations sport their Nantucket Reds for the festival, keeping with the cranberry theme.

    What is a Fall festival without giant pumpkins, petting zoos and relay races?

    Even Jocelyn found some cranberry to boast.       

    Every October families travel from all over the country, sporting their cranberry colored Nantucket Red pants and overalls, to attend the annual Cranberry Festival on the tiny New England island of Nantucket. Most people know The Cape and Islands for their wealth of summer beaches and lobster rolls, but our favorite time of year is the fall. The sun is a golden yellow and the air is crisp and fresh. Fall is a peaceful time on the island and you feel like you have stumbled on a secret place that transports you to a time of innocence.

    Most people don’t know that Nantucket has had an abundance of Cranberry Bogs since 1857 that are quietly tucked back in the center of the island. They produce 2 million pounds of cranberries a year. The Cranberry Festival kicks off the fall harvest. Here you learn that the bogs are flooded every year so the berries can float to the top. People then wade through the water and push all the cranberries to one end of the bog where machines collect them and carry them off to the nearby Ocean Spray facilities… That’s right… if you’ve had Ocean Spray cranberry juice, you’ve had Nantucket cranberries. Other festival highlights include the sheep shearing and herding demonstrations, tractor rides, kiddie relay races, farm animals and of course every type of food imaginable that you can fill with cranberries.

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  • Giddy Up at The Hunt in Far Hills

    Posted 02 November 2012



    Team Tuckernuck headed North to The Far Hills Races, The Hunt, in NJ this Fall.  Perched high up on the hill top we hosted a Giddy Up Brunch for friends, family and Tuckernuckers.  The sun was shining, the leaves were full of cozy colors and the air was crisp.  It was a perfect day to munch on some fresh NY bagels and sip Bloody's while cheering on our favorite horses.  As you can see everyone donned their most dapper attire, including barbour, tweed, flannel and cords... of course Tuckernucking gear was much appreciated!  :)  If we didn't see you this time, we hope you can stop by for a visit next year! 

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  • Behind the Scenes at Tuckernuck's Fall Photo Shoot

    Posted 25 October 2012

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  • Maddy and September on Sea Island

    Posted 22 October 2012


    September and Maddy ventured down to Sea Island, GA to get a taste of southern comfort over Columbus Day weekend. Thanks to their good friend who hosted them (under the condition that they wore black and red for UGA game day), they stayed on the marsh with picturesque views of wetlands, dolphins and passing sail boats. A stunning resort destination with a famous golf course, Sea Island stretches 3 miles long, the main drive lined with spanish moss covered trees and charming lanterns.

    The team, along with friends Jeb and Reed, repped their favorite Tuckernuck southern brands, including Southern Proper and Annie Griffin of Georgia, as well as Robert Redd of Charlottesville, VA! September also showed off a dress from her hometown brand, Devon Baer.

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  • Molly's Scalloping Outing

    Posted 12 October 2012


    October’s character truly shines in New England.  Nantucket celebrates this with the annual Scallop Harvest, where visitors and natives can go out into the bay with nets and wearing waders to collect these buried treasures. This year’s harvest was a success, proven by the buckets full of scallops we carried back to shore with us to shuck at the end of the day.  Hot chocolate and clam chowder warm up the afternoon of shucking, and the anticipation of the feast that will follow that evening adds excitement to the mission.  After shucking, we turn the scallops over to the chef at a restaurant in town, who uses them to prepare a feast for all of the participants. This feast is the ultimate reward for a day of fun work, and the perfect way to warm up after a damp fall day on the water.

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  • New York Fashion Week

    Posted 24 September 2012

    Our photographer Molly attended a few shows in NYFW a couple weeks ago. We know that prep is always in, and these photos definitely prove our point! We're definitely inspired by the fashionable attendees sporting their classically-cool but contemporarily-styled looks.

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  • Jocelyn's Party Tips

    Posted 07 September 2012

    Last week I invited some friends over at the last minute for cocktails al fresco. I literally had 20 minutes to throw it all together and thought I’d pass along a couple tips:

    ●   Always take a couple seconds to cut some fresh flowers, even if it means sneaking over to your neighbor’s yard. I won’t tell. 

    ●   To add some character to a last minute party I like to use indoor furniture outside. It adds an unexpected element of surprise to an otherwise common party. I dragged this Serena and Lily console table and an old piano bench out for this particular fete. Other fun pieces of indoor furniture could be an upholstered arm chair and or an old oriental throw rug.

    ●   I keep small attractive coolers around to keep beer cute and chilled at the same time.

    ●   Run to the store and grab a loaf of French bread and cheese for hor dourves. Tear the loaf into pieces and fill a bowl with bread and crackers and serve with cheeses. 

    ●   Finger food is a must. My kitchen is always stocked with: olives, nuts, Carr’s crackers and lemons or limes for last minute parties.

    The party was a success because, most importantly, we all had a wonderful time!

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  • Destination: Nantucket

    Posted 30 August 2012

    For me, summer is long days at the beach, sunsets, family, close friends, fresh food and extra-long lines at the Chicken Box; Nantucket. While living in New York City makes it more difficult to to travel to this small island off the coast of Massachusetts, a big gulp of salty Nantucket air always manages to cure all headaches from flight delays and traffic woes.

    My ideal Nantucket day begins on the water. Paddle boarding and waterskiing have been my two biggest obsessions this summer.  I have managed to convince myself that a mild accomplishment like “crossing my wake” should be rewarded with a BLT at Something Natural followed by an afternoon lying in the sand.  Something Natural is a little shop with big sandwiches and fresh bread, removed from town and set back from the road.  I love sitting cross-legged in their backyard, borrowing one of their checkered picnic blankets and enjoying lunch in the grass.  I always take their massive cookies (and plenty of napkins) to go and head right down to the beach for a lazy afternoon of swimming, sunbathing and trying to remember where I left off in mbook.  I love ending the day with an outdoor shower to rinse off the sun, salt and sand before a big seafood dinner followed by summer cocktails at a bar near the docks in town.  For me, Nantucket is the ultimate place to celebrate summer.


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  • Destination: Maine

    Posted 14 August 2012

    I've gone to Mt. Desert Island, Maine every summer since I can remember, as has my father, my grandmother, and her parents before her. Needless to say, it holds a pretty solid place in my heart. No other houses or signs of civilization are visible from our family's home, and it's pretty easy to disconnect from the world. Or in my case, pretty uncomfortable; stranded with spotty cell phone reception and intermittent wireless internet, I was a bit of a nervous wreck at first. 

    The lack of wireless communication aside, I managed to have the usual wonderful time. I loved stopping at the small farmers markets to pick out fresh produce for our dinner, shopping in Northeast Harbor, hiking, sailing, and boating (my Harding-Lane hat came in very handy). One of my favorite outings is to Jordan Pond for the most delicious treat: fresh lobster bisque with a side of popovers. It is a little touristy, but putting up with a few amateur photographers (guilty) and bird watchers (not guilty) is completely worth the amazing menu of house-made classics and breathtaking views of Jordan Pond and surrounding mountains. 

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  • A Pacific Northwest Vacation

    Posted 03 July 2012


    In early June, I traveled to the San Juan Islands with my college roommate, Julie. To be honest, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into but trusted Julie to be the ultimate planner that she is. And because Tour Guide Julie never disappoints, it was the perfect mix of the great outdoors, amazing food and good company. If you're on the market for a domestic vacation, I would highly recommend! 

    Where to Stay: Island Inn, such a cool European-feel hotel with Ikea furniture and the softest sheets of all time. You can even buy them here. The toiletries are all Malin + Goetz (did they know I was coming?), and the owner prepares you fresh granola and fruits for breakfast. Now, that's what I call customer service. 

    Brunch/Lunch: Cask & Schooner, best cheeseburger of my life + they have Stumptown coffee. Done and done. 

    What to Do: Sea Kayaking...unfortunately, we didn't see any Orca whales, namely Free Willy, but hopefully next time. Also, be sure to check out Roche Harbor for beautiful views and an incredible display of yachts that are more expensive than most houses.  

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  • The Team Escapes

    Posted 03 July 2012


    From our West Coast office in Mountain View, California, we sometimes try to escape to surrounding cities over the weekend. We finally arrived in Napa after hours of traffic through San Francisco, and we just barely made it to the Trefethen Vineyard before it closed. Michael, an extremely knowledgeable (and charming) employee of the vineyard sat us outside on a beautiful courtyard and gave us a delicious tasting of their wines. We topped off the evening with a delicious dinner on the porch of Auberge du Soleil, overlooking the Valley as the sun set. 

    * a Tuesday night

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  • Welcome...

    Posted 10 May 2012


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