For me, summer is long days at the beach, sunsets, family, close friends, fresh food and extra-long lines at the Chicken Box; Nantucket. While living in New York City makes it more difficult to to travel to this small island off the coast of Massachusetts, a big gulp of salty Nantucket air always manages to cure all headaches from flight delays and traffic woes.

My ideal Nantucket day begins on the water. Paddle boarding and waterskiing have been my two biggest obsessions this summer.  I have managed to convince myself that a mild accomplishment like “crossing my wake” should be rewarded with a BLT at Something Natural followed by an afternoon lying in the sand.  Something Natural is a little shop with big sandwiches and fresh bread, removed from town and set back from the road.  I love sitting cross-legged in their backyard, borrowing one of their checkered picnic blankets and enjoying lunch in the grass.  I always take their massive cookies (and plenty of napkins) to go and head right down to the beach for a lazy afternoon of swimming, sunbathing and trying to remember where I left off in mbook.  I love ending the day with an outdoor shower to rinse off the sun, salt and sand before a big seafood dinner followed by summer cocktails at a bar near the docks in town.  For me, Nantucket is the ultimate place to celebrate summer.


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