We've had lots of requests to write a post about our festive red, white and green flower arrangement from our Winter Lookbook.  Jocelyn is a huge fan of this arrangement for this time of year and often throws it together to add a splash of color to last minute fetes. 

For this particular arrangement, you need to pick up a bag of Ocean Spray cranberries from the local grocery store and a variety of flowers from the bodega or flower store, including red Huckleberry Branches, white stock flowers, green trachelium and some green hydrangeas.  For the centerpiece, you will need a large clear vase.  First, add water followed by the cranberries.  Add as many cranberries as you think appropriate for your vase.  Next, cut the stock flowers so they are about 75% the height of the branches and then cut the green trachelium so they are 75% the height of the stock flowers.  Finally, add the Huckleberry branches to the vase and then intersperse the green trachelium and stock flowers amongst the branches.  

Since we were doing the photo shoot with a large kitchen island in the foreground we also filled our knot rope bowl with red and green apples and our coil rope vase with green hydrangeas to fill out the centerpiece.  In the spring this arrangement looks lovely with cherry blossoms in place of Huckleberry branches and limes in place of cranberries.  Email us your festive holiday arrangements at stayclassy@tnuck.com       

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