After this year's extra-long winter, we've been more excited than ever to shed our sweaters and enjoy some well-deserved sunshine.  Few places get as much love during this season as Central Park, a shared backyard for millions of New Yorkers and the most visited urban park in the United States.  Molly skipped out of the office on Friday evening to stroll through the park and enjoy a glass of rosé with a friend, the perfect way to kick off a weekend full of spring weather.

Central Park opened in 1857 and has been a haven for New Yorkers ever since, proving our theory that some things never go out of style.Home to 29 sculptures and over 25,000 trees, the park is perfect for inspiring creativity and romance.The Central Park Boathouse is an idyllic location for outdoor meals and cocktails.  Recognize it from scenes in "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sex and the City"?

Visitors can even rent canoes at the Boathouse, where they can enjoy views of both the city skyline and surrounding greenery from its small pond.There's simply no better way to toast spring than with a glass of Rosé.

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