Garden Fresh Gazpacho

Posted: Sep 03 2013

For those of us in the North East, a rainy, chilly spring postponed this year's tomato season.  But now, at long long last, with a garden full of ripe (and almost ripe) tomatoes, we decided to make a late-summer gazpacho.  We even threw a few of the green ones in because...why not?  All, well, almost all, of the vegetables in this recipe were picked minutes before being thrown into a Cuisinart--what's better than that?  A Spanish dish that dates back several centuries, this chilled soup has evolved into a bunch of different recipes.  We consider this one the "kitchen sink" iteration, in which whatever fresh veggies you have on hand can be pureed to create a crisp, light, and refreshing cold soup.  We love serving gazpacho for al fresco lunches, as a first course at dinner, or served in a shot glass as a passed hors d'oeuvre. Here's hoping for an Indian summer....

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