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Behind The Scenes: Jeb's Weekend

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This is Jeb, Tuckernuck’s Photo Editor, Vintage Buyer and Chief Happiness Officer. He grew up on the North Shore [pronounced: No-wah-th Show-ahh] a of Massachusetts, trekking north every winter to his family’s cabin near Cannon Mt. in Franconia Notch, NH. He unwittingly witnessed the ‘golden age of ski gear’ as a ski schooler and decades later he and his cousins embrace the tight and bright at what is now ‘Jeb’s Weekend.’

In the early 60’s my grandfather and his best friend from college built a ski house. For the better part of two decades my family spent nearly every weekend of the season skiing with their kids.

'Thermos' Family Cabin
Cabin Interior
Jeb's Grandma Dede '63
Herter's Grandfather's Skiis

My mother was both a total Diva and a beautiful skier. We use to laugh about the whole 80’s/90’s onesie outfits. However, by the time I was in college, I began to think…those things are actually sick... It came full circle.

Now a days my family ski house is used mostly by the 3rd generation, so each cousin gets one weekend of the season to host. Before long I was organizing ping pong tournaments, the mountain scavenger hunt, and my relentless micromanagement soon facetiously rendered it ‘Jeb’s Weekend’.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a solid collection of golden age garb and every Saturday of Jeb’s Weekend we hit the mountain with the Neon fun battalion and set the tone for the day. Recently I began to make custom gear for the weekend.

Our Vintage Ski Collection, is heavily influenced by finding the fun and the nostalgia of time spent with friends, family. Therefore every Vintage Ski piece will include my custom ‘Jeb’s Weekend’ headband.

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