Mackenzie + Carly's Christmas Shopping Lists

Posted: Dec 13 2013

It's hard to beat Christmastime in New York, isn't it?  To celebrate the season, we caught up with Carly and Mackenzie for a little Christmas shopping on New York's Upper East Side last week. The city's decorated windows, lit up streets, and a quick duck into the Barbour store were enough to put all of us in the Christmas spirit...and to inspire Carly and Mackenzie's gift lists (hopefully the recipients of these awesome gifts aren't reading).  First on Carly's list was a Barbour jacket for Teddy, her absolutely tiny new puppy.  Once we found his perfectly small tartan overcoat in the nearby Barbour store, we rushed home to give it to him, and sat down to figure out what to get everyone else on their lists...

To shop their lists, and the outfits the girls wore shopping, click HERE.

To say that we squealed when we found a coat small enough for Teddy would be an understatement.  We totally knew it was made for him.  And, I think we were right...

To shop these lists, and the outfits these girls wore on our outing, click HERE.

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