Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee; Lucia knows a good southern thing when she sees it.  So, we weren't surprised at all when she picked out one of our Camilyn Beth party dresses to wear for this photo shoot.  We caught up with Lucia this week to play dress-up and chat about upcoming holiday plans and her tips on entertaining.  Lucia brought along her family's famous spiced pecans, which her grandmother first made on their farm in Crenshaw, Mississippi with extra pecans from the trees lining their property.  Lucia's family has carried on her grandmother's tradition and still makes and sells Billie's Pecans today--we loved sampling the flavors as Lucia told us all about their history. Of course, Lucia loves bringing her family's nuts as a party favor this time of year, but she also filled us in on some of her other favorite South-inspired holiday and entertaining traditions...
Q&A with Lucia: Entertaining Tips

What southern holiday and/or entertaining traditions do you bring up north with you?

Southern food, for sure.  I love making food from family recipes that have been passed down for generations. Food’s better when it has a little history.  This is one of the main reasons I love serving Billie’s Pecans— brings back such happy memories of my grandmother (not to mention, they’re delicious!).

What's the one thing you like to have at every party you host?

Fried pickles with Al Green in the background. I’m from Memphis, so JT is obviously up there on the music list as well!

What are your top 3 party planning tips for every hostess?

Plan ahead.  There is nothing worse than having to run all around town right before your party starts trying to gather up last minute things.I’m one of three girls. Growing up, we always saw ourselves as a team when we were hosting-- someone was in charge of music, someone in charge of food and drinks, and someone in charge of décor. Today, my sisters and I all live in different cities, but I still find myself asking friends to co-host parties with me.  I think it makes the party planning process more manageable and fun:)  Have fun!  Sometimes I think people feel overwhelmed hosting—trying to make sure that everyone is happy, has a drink, etc.  While this is definitely important, chances are your guests are happy, and you should be too!

What are your top 3 etiquette tips for every party guest?

Bring a bottle wine, enjoy the party, and write a thank you note.


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