Bold shoes are always a fabulous gift. She'll feel special every time she receives a compliment and proud to say who the clever someone is that gifted them to her. Pair the loafers with a flirty card (keeping with the theme) to make her weak in the knees. 

2. Bold Shoes: Bluebird Loafers $230

Show her the love by sending flowers from a local florist and gifting a black-and-white photo in a colorful frame. If you're feeling extra thoughtful, you can top it off with a small monogrammed necklace. 

1. Elegant Local Floral Arrangement: Urbanstems (DC, NYC) from $35
2. Picture Frame: Geometric Colorful Frame $45
3. Monogrammed Necklace (order by Friday 2/6!): Small Round Gold-Tone Locket Necklace $50

A wine themed gift is a nice gesture that you know will be put to good use. Pair a good bottle with an embroidered tote she can use for her next social outing and some unique coasters that fit her taste.

1. Bottle of Red (Whole Foods!): 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Freemark Abbey $44

Does your lady appreciate bubble baths and beauty sleep? If so, super soft pajamas and a scented candle pair nicely for an indulgent gift. If you feel extra generous, present her with a 60 minute massage certificate at a local spa. 

1. Pajamas: Marigot Pajamas $115
2. Scented Candle: Florence Candle $38
3. Massage: Aveda Massage from $79

A cookbook from our favorite homemaker Ina Garten with a gift certificate for a couples cooking class is a thoughtful, romantic combo. It's also a big win for you! Don't they always say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." ?

2. Cooking Class (places we've tried!): Havens Kitchen (NYC), Culinaerie (DC)

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