Looking for the perfect bouquet, but just not sure where to get it (& fast)? Enter UrbanStems...

How it works: If you are in D.C. or NYC all you need to do is head to their website, select one of their beautiful seasonal bouquets (all in the $35-$55 range), and checkout. In roughly an hour, you will receive a text message from a bike messenger containing a picture of the bouquet that was dropped off for your lucky flower recipient. 
Why we're obsessed: We'd venture to say that there aren't many people out there that don't love that feeling brought on by a random flower delivery. With UrbanStems, you guys out there no longer need to worry about which flowers to avoid (i.e. carnations...). Creative mastermind and head of customer happiness, Lissa, hand designs each bouquet, ensuring it's quality and perfection. Any one of their arrangements is guaranteed to cheer someone up.  

Fun & Impressive fact: From the time a flower is cut on the farm until it heads out for delivery in D.C. or NYC is a mere 48 hours. 

Pictured Above: Co-Founders Jeff and Ajay, along with Head of Customer Happiness (and flower designer), Lissa, in their sunny office at the Wonderbread Factory.


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