1. Have a planning session with yourself (and team if you have one) each month and each week so you can get all of your projects in order.

2. Pick the most important task you need to do each day, and do it first — before you check your email!

3. My email trick I learned from Suzannetouch it once. Meaning if you don't have time to respond or deal with an email, don't even open it, wait until you DO have time to deal with it, and THEN open it. This way you only touch it once

4. If possible, keep your Mondays clear. This I learned from Mandy. Basically, don't schedule any meetings, lunches or project deadlines for Monday. Keep it clear, so you can dive into projects, check things off your list, and get everything together for the week without distractions. This makes Sunday evenings so much less stressful!

5. Use my GSD notepads collection of course!







" The older I get the more I want to continue creating a more thoughtful wardrobe. My style is mostly neutral — lots of black and white — but with a few crazy patterns and colors just to keep things interesting. Even though I prefer neutrals, I like them to have a little edge and personality. I also like items that make a statement and are comfortable. Living in DC I wear a lot less heels and a lot more flats! "





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