Emmy, Fianna, and Madeleine (aka “Moey”) are all lucky enough to live on St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands.  Emmy, older sister to Tuckernuck team member Sophie, and Fianna were both born and raised on the sunny Caribbean isle, while Moey recently moved there. 

Once home to pirates, the island was eventually settled by Dutch Colonists in the 1600's.  Today, the capital city's colorful streets and colonial architecture attract locals and tourists alike.  These three met during their lunch hour in the heart of town, each one dressed in brightly colored, breezy Tuckernuck items.  Their creative, casual work environments allow these ladies to layer colorful accessories with bright shorts and dresses for their days in the office.   Emmy says of her shorts, "they have a great texture, and the fabric is a high-quality thickness, so they really resist wrinkles! The neon pink color is so pretty with aqua- my favorite summer color combo, of course!" Living among such colorful buildings, ample sunshine, and turquoise waters inspires the people of St. Thomas to dress with lighthearted simplicity all year round...we told you they were lucky.

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