I was always having trouble finding just the right blazer. I like everything to be cut long, because I think that's the most flattering fit on women. After not being able to find many choices in the market, I set off to design my own (again)!  Because it's summer and I think everyone needs a fabulous linen jacket, I make the blazers in a linen blend (linen blend because while I love linen, the wrinkles drive me crazy).  But  Most blazers have front welt pockets...but who can fit anything in there and it's way too awkward to put your hands in them! Our side pockets give you the feel (and functionality) of jacket pockets.  They are fabulous!
Like a classic cape, the perfect blazer is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. I think of this simple piece as a blank canvas to be styled any way!
The Skinny dip is a collective of curated men's and women's brands from around the country (and world) that have strong ties to New England but have not necessarily been seen on Nantucket before. My two partners and I (Sara Rossi and Milicent Armstrong) were sensitive to the fact that we wanted to bring something fresh and new to the island.

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