Meet Grant, founder of Streaker Sports.

Company HQ: New York City 

Designer: Grant Hewit

You know that buddy of yours who always gets the nod to design tailgate koozies, summer team uniforms and every other t-shirt you've worn over the years?   Well, amongst his crew, Grant was that guy.  After graduating from Princeton, working in NYC for a couple of years and taking some classes at FIT, what had started as a side project had grown into a go-to for vintage inspired sportswear. 

Streaker Sports was born from an appreciation of throwback sports uniforms, a desire to bring back their classic look and meet the demands of today's fans. The end result is a selection of ultra-comfortable tees and hoodies, great looking shorts that have resurrected some of sports' most iconic teams and a smattering of accessories every true fan needs on hand. Plus, since Grant and the team at Streaker Sports are fans themselves, they know you don't want to wear the same thing as everyone else, which is why each Streaker Sports item is produced in a limited run. So grab the gear while you can, because much like its name sake, it'll be whisked off the field in no time.

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