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  • BEHIND THE SCENES: Meet the Models Behind the Resort 2015 Photo Shoot

    Posted 16 January 2015

    Meet Emmy, mother of two gorgeous island girls and the older sister of Sophie, our creative director. She answers a few of our questions below:

    What did you love the most about growing up in the islands? I didn't really know there was any other way to live, and looking back, that is kind of awesome. We didn't have malls and most of the time cable TV or even electricity was not available for one reason or another (sometimes the reason was a hurricane). So we spent a lot of time outdoors and in the ocean. We learned about the sea and boats. When we were little, we'd go boating almost every weekend. During the summer we'd sail at sailing camp and play at the beach all day, or go camping on deserted islands. 
    What is it like to raise kids in the islands? It's the best thing ever! I can't imagine having to dress a three year and one year old in layers of warm clothes every time we want to go outside. I love that they can be barefoot and in diapers all year round. It's an easy 2 minutes to the beach so I can tire out the kids - naptime is always easy after a trip to the beach.
    You've lived in the states for college and for a few years after. What are the things about the mainland that you miss the most? (We beg you to answer this question, mainly to make ourselves feel better about our lives. Thanks.) The fresh produce and amazing grocery stores! I literally get teary-eyed when I walk into a Whole Foods if I'm visiting the states. Ahhh the beautiful aisles of healthy, fresh food right at my fingertips! The bakery, the great deli - oh my! Also, any type of furniture or antique shopping. We don't have much of that here, and hardly any online stores ship here.

    Meet Lauren, the island girl who now lives in Las Vegas (she was smart enough to stick to the warm weather at least). She and Sophie caught up over the holidays in the Virgin Islands. She answers our questions below:

    What was your favorite part of growing up in the islands? It's funny... that's the question I get asked the most when I meet people, and it's the hardest to answer! In my head, I think "What's not to love about growing up surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and 80 degree weather year-round?" But how do you say that without sounding like a jerk?!
    Honestly, I don't think I realized how lucky I was to grow up in the Virgin Islands until I went to college. From afar, growing up in St. Thomas looks the same as growing up in any small town or community on the mainland. Everyone is so tight knit and friends aren't just friends, they're family. But the lifestyle and the culture of the VI is unparalleled. We played outdoors year-round, we went boating to different islands every weekend, we experienced hurricanes; from the day we were born, we developed a sense of adventure and fearlessness. I think our parents' attitudes and experiences had something to do with it, but our surroundings definitely encouraged it.
    What is the first thing you do when you arrive back home? Hug my family and take a shot of Cruzan Rum, which is conveniently served to you at the entrance to baggage claim. Ha! Seriously though, after the shot rum, I get to the beach as soon as I can. There's a simple slogan that sums up that first feeling of being back at the beach, "ocean air & salty hair." Nothing can really beat it.
    Favorite restaurant on St. Thomas? Thirteen. The restaurant has amazing food and is a mostly a local place because it's got little to no signage and is tucked away in the lush mountainside on the North side of St.Thomas.

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  • Jocelyn's Gift Picks for Kids

    Posted 12 December 2014

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  • September's Gift Edit: what she's wanting and what she's giving

    Posted 09 December 2014

    1. LACQUER JEWELRY BOX "My jewelry has spent enough time in pouches and drawers."
    2. LURIN PAJAMA SHORT SET "These lurin pajama sets are super soft and the ultimate sleep luxury."
    3. CASHMERE CABLE WRAP "I will live in this, paired with white button downs, jeans, and boots throughout the winter."
    4. GILDED PIGGY BANK "I'm guilty of always having change in my pockets so can't wait to replace my plastic cup with this golden piggy bank."  


    1. PERSONALIZED BOTTLE OPENER "For my 21 year old brother, I'll monogram it with 'My Only Platinum Card.' It's funny and probably the only thing that will get to put to good use that I get him. As for my 23 year old brother, he'll be getting the monogram, 'Not maxed out yet.'
    2. SUPER SOFT 4 BUTTON POLO "For my brother Nolan, who can't get enough of the Johnnie-O polos."
    3. BIT LOAFERS "For a nicer look, I'll be getting these for my 26 year old brother who seems to have graduated from the Bass loafers for a more sophisticated look."
    4. DECANTER SET "For my brother's first apartment out of college...a bar set seems like a rite of passage into the real world"
    5. CASHMERE TRAVEL WRAP "For my Mom- the best gift and the one that keeps on giving. I use it as a scarf, blanket, pillow...In the winter months, you really can't find me without it."
    6. DECORATING BOOK "When all else fails, a coffee table book is always the best gift!"

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  • Spotlight On: Maddy's Thanksgiving Traditions

    Posted 20 November 2014

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  • Entertaining: A Fall Inspired Dinner Party

    Posted 12 November 2014

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  • Spotlight On: Milicent, Founder of Artemis Design Co.

    Posted 06 November 2014

    Q: What inspired you to create a line of Kilim loafers?
    A: "Kilim has been used for shoes, bags, and a multitude of other accessories for centuries in Turkey and the middle East.  Whereas we would never dream of taking our beautiful carpets and kilims to the cutting board; kilim is so plentiful in that part of the world that it is natural for them to recycle and repurpose the old carpets.  I thought that updating the Turkish Kilim style shoes and bags with modern designs would be a great way to bring the style to fashionable American women and men.  I started out making a very small batch of women’s and men’s kilim shoes and bags and they sold out quickly.  When people began stopping  me on the street to ask where my shoes and bag were from,  I knew had a good thing going."
    Q: Where does the name Artemis come from?
    A: " Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, and the theme of hunting ties into our mission in a different way than you might expect!  Our mission is to find and use the most unique textiles from around the world and create beautiful one of a kind accessories.  Since “hunting” bazaars, marketplaces and obscure parts of the world for these fabulous textiles is such a big part of what we do, we thought that Artemis, the huntress would be a perfect symbol for our company."

    Q: Seems like you enjoy adventures and travel. What have been your top 3 travel destinations?
    A: " I love every type of travel from taking a ferry to Nantucket, to road tripping in the US, to sipping the thickest hot chocolate in Paris.  Any new and different experience is fun and exciting because of the novelty.  My top 3 favorite places are Maine in the summer, Ireland, and Japan because of how strikingly different the culture is."
    Q: Next on your travel bucket list?
    A: " Morocco & Sri Lanka."
    Q:  How would you describe the Artemis customer?
    A: " The Artemis man and woman are well traveled, refined, laid back, fun and very confident."


    Q: I would be over the moon if I saw___________ wearing my shoes...
    A: " Anyone! I always approach strangers wearing Artemis products :)  If I had to pick someone famous I would probably say Lulu DK- one of my favorite textile designers."
    Q: Fun fact we didn't know about you?
    A: " I'm studying the language of kilim symbolism so that I can tell customers the meaning of the patterns on their shoes and bags.  Every motif, symbol, and weave in a kilim carpet symbolizes something about the life of the woman who wove it.  It would be doing an injustice to the kilim to say that it is just a pretty pattern, since each carpet is so rich with stories. "

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  • Style: Team Barbour Picks

    Posted 04 November 2014

    1. Barbour x Land Rover Clovencrag Quilted Jacket: "The Clovencrag is a great updated option for a classic olive Barbour jacket. Thanks to the waist belt, it's feminine and form flattering while the removable hood justifies the practicality. The exclusive Land Rover plaid is also the perfect color scheme - it adds a pop of color to the muted olive." - Maddy, Co-Founder

    2. Barbour Oatridge Duffle Jacket: "With the temperature dropping, I'm in need of a heavy coat and I love the toggle details on this Barbour jacket. Plus, with the sturdy hood, I'll be able to withstand the elements as I walk to work. I also love that this coat instantly adds a level of sophistication to any outfit you pair it with. I can see myself wearing this with jeans and boots, or over a dress when I head out for dinner and drinks."- Caroline, Customer Experience Associate


    3. Barbour Convoy Wax Jacket: "I'm in the market for a
    greatolive jacket that's on the casual side. I have the navy Oatridge Duffle and wear it all the time for a more upscale layer, but this jacket is perfect as a layer that can dress down whatever I'm wearing. I tend to make my final layer a different level of dress than the rest of my outfit to add a little edge, so this would be perfect over a cool chunky sweater, a skirt, tights, and flats."
     - Sophie, Creative Director

    4. Barbour Women's Classic Olive Bedale Wax Jacket: "If we are being honest....I recently lost my classic Bedale jacket that had been in my wardrobe for a decade. I literally can't live without it's huge pockets, windproof and waterproof wax, and timeless look. While I'm tempted to upgrade to some of the more contemporary looks, the Bedale just feels like home to me...if it ain't broke, why fix it?" - Jocelyn, CEO & Co-Founder

    5. Barbour Navy Cavalry Polarquilt Jacket  "I love a good outerwear 'shell,' but once it goes below 50 degrees, fleece lining is crucial. I've been eyeing the Cavalry Polarquilt jacket because it is the perfect combination of style and function. It has a classic quilted exterior, flattering front seams and cinched back, and a super soft (warm!) lining. What more could you ask for?" - Emily, Community Manager
    6. Barbour x Land Rover Penchford Jacket: "I'm a sucker for limited edition pieces. I especially love the leather details and one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired tartan lining." - September, Co-Founder

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  • Style: Sarah & Polly on the Pier

    Posted 23 October 2014

    This dynamic duo has endless energy and needs a wardrobe that keeps up with their active schedule and enviable classic style.  We asked Sarah to give us a few of her top must-have's for the fall and winter seasons... Take note from this New York tastemaker... (we know we do).  

    For Polly:

    1. The Plaid Paige Dress: "I love the old school plaid with the sweet feminine shape, especially if paired with sneakers so it's not too fancy!" 
    2. Comy Cute Polka Dot Shift Dress: "I just bought this adorable dress for my goddaughter and I need to buy a matching one for Polly - so great with red tights!" 
    3. Saint James Minquiers Enfant Shirt: "Nothing cuter than a striped boatneck - and I especially love blue for girls!"
    4. Canvas Mary Jane Shoes: "The perfect comfortable, non-sneaker shoe for the playground."

    For Sarah:

    1. Egyptian Cable Turtleneck Sweater: "I have been searching for comfy warm sweaters for fall - I love this
    one for tailgates or cozy afternoons by the fire."
    2. Cross Body Bag: "It's hands free!"
    3. Diatom Leeron Skirt: "I love this dressed down for daytime wear."
    4. Floral Skinny Jeans: "Need!"


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  • Style: Carly, Garrett, & Teddy in the City

    Posted 09 October 2014

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  • Home Decor: Lindsey Lane Design

    Posted 03 October 2014

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  • Friday Finds: Degas & Cassatt

    Posted 30 September 2014

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  • Events: The Go Bo Fundraiser

    Posted 18 September 2014

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  • Friday Finds: Neutral Hues

    Posted 12 September 2014

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  • Travel: Explore Historic Charlottesville, VA

    Posted 09 September 2014

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  • Behind the Scenes: Fall Photo Shoot Prep

    Posted 06 September 2014

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  • Style: Back-to-School Looks

    Posted 14 August 2014

    The summer is coming to an end, and for some (the lucky ones), this means back to school. Before packing up their desks, we asked two of our summer interns, Mollie and Margaret, to jump in front of the camera and show off some of their favorite back-to-school looks. 

    Shop Mollie's picks here.

    Shop Margaret's picks here.


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  • Travel: Escape to Sea Island, GA

    Posted 05 August 2014

    August is here, but summer isn't over yet! There's still plenty of time to sneak in a fun escape. First stop on our list this month is Sea Island. We've polled the insiders, and here's what we're suggesting for your weekend (or maybe you should make it a full week) jaunt to Georgia...

    1. Pack:  Grab your embellished garb and colorful accessories. The more vibrant the colors, the better

    2. Eats: May we suggest...

    - Carry out BBQ from Southern Soul (don't forget the fried green beans). This is our #1 pick for a group dinner after a long beach day

    - Fried chicken at the Oak Room, which overlooks the golf course. Grab s'mores at the Lodge afterwards

    - Dinner at  Bennie's Red Barn. Leave room for the "raccoon" for dessert

    3. Explore: You won't want to miss a thing.

    - Rent a kayak and head up the marsh to sneak a peek at the houses

    - Take a day trip to Cumberland Island to see the wild horses and the Carnegie Estate (also, this is the spot where JFK Jr. was married!)

    4. Things to do: There's more to do than just sit on the beach. 

    - Go skeet shooting on the marsh

    - Grab your friends and hit the tennis courts (& grab smoothies from the Spa afterwards)

    - Play Cloister Bingo! (not just for the old folks)

    - Head to Zigi's to dance the night away to 90s hits. Always a favorite.

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  • Apartment Therapy Features Jocelyn's TriBeca Loft

    Posted 23 July 2014

    Anyone looking for home decorating and organizing tips? We've got some inspiration right here for you. This past week, Apartment Therapy featured photos from inside Jocelyn's TriBeca loft and interviewed our CEO. Keep scrolling for more views and a few of our favorite quotes from the interview.

    To shop some of the featured items, click here.

    From the article: "Rather than replace or rebuild, a lot of the work involved in the renovation of this loft apartment involved peeling back a few layers to get to more of the bare bones and to reveal the simplicity of the space."

    "Jocelyn loves the open feeling of the loft and the long line of windows facing the street. She likes the raw wood columns that only happen when you get to the upper floors of a typical Manhattan cast iron building. And she likes having a roof deck. She tried to strip away as much as possible to highlight and to facilitate these perks."

    Jocelyn's Style: "Personal and a mix of antiques and modern. Most unique items (art, furniture etc) in the apartment are from travels, family or New York adventures. I think it’s all pretty reflective of a loft… eclectic, but clean and open."





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  • An Interview with the Founders of Castaway Clothing

    Posted 17 July 2014

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  • A Fun and Festive Tablescape

    Posted 11 July 2014

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  • Behind the Scenes: Summer 2014 Photo Shoot

    Posted 01 July 2014

    Behind the Scenes: Tuckernuck Summer 2014 Photo Shoot from Tuckernuck on Vimeo.

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  • Gal Meets Glam: Packing for July 4th

    Posted 30 June 2014

    In honor of the 4th of July, we want to share some of our favorite patriotic looks, styled by one of our favorite bloggers.  If you haven't already heard of Julia, author of Gal Meets Glam, then let us introduce you. Based in San Francisco, Julia's blog is a Tuckernuck team go-to for style and photography inspiration. After checking out her site, we know you'll be just as obsessed...

    This weekend, Julia will be headed to Santa Barbara with no shortage of stripes and all things red, white & blue. Shop her packing list here


    Ikat Romperpanama hat, sunglasses (similar here), Saint James shirt, white shorts (similar here) & floral sneakers.

    Photos by Gal Meets Glam

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  • Insider Picks: Maddy's Honeymoon Packing Essentials

    Posted 18 June 2014

    Tuckernuck founder Maddy and her high school sweetheart Paul recently tied the knot on a gorgeous weekend in Nantucket. The day after their wedding, they jetted off to Croatia where they are spending some much-deserved time relaxing. Shop their packing list  here.

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  • Spring Strolling with Carly & Mackenzie

    Posted 29 April 2014

    This month we had the pleasure of meeting up with two of our favorite bloggers (and friends!) for a stroll around NYC. Our highlight of the afternoon? Heading to Rosemary's for some rosé and Q&A. Check out their answers below!

    Q: How did you choose the items you wore for the shoot?
    A: Mackenzie - Nothing says springtime like hot pink. I love the ruffles on this striped dress!
    Carly - I loved the length of the skirt and I am certainly not one to pass up a great anchor print. Plus, every closet should have a few choices of gingham for warm weather!
    Q: What is your favorite thing about New York in the spring?
    A: Mackenzie - love that the outdoor cafés are filling up on the sidewalk. I can't wait to be able to bring my puppy Rory to weekend brunch!
    Carly - No more cold!!!! (Well, at least not Vortex cold!) It's so amazing to finally see leaves on the trees and flowers in the ground. It makes for exploring and walking around so much more enjoyable.
    Q: We're always living vicariously through you two via Instagram--what adventures does summer have in store for you?
    A: Mackenzie - I'm trying to head to Nantucket at least once a month June through September. And a wedding in the Bahamas in August!
    Carly - Luckily we can do our jobs anywhere! I'd love to have a few amazing summer beach and road trips on the calendar!
    Q: Next item on your Tuckernuck wish list?
    A: Mackenzie - Two Bees Cashmere Lobster Sweater.
    Carly - Amanda Uprichard Emerson Silk Gown. 


    Shop their looks here. 

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  • Q&A With Boobypack Founder, Christina

    Posted 11 April 2014

    We caught up with Christina, founder of Boobypack ("a fanny pack for your rack") at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  We loved chatting with her and hearing more about her startup, style, and life in California.

    Q: If you could get any celeb to wear a Boobypack, who would it be?
    A: Miranda Kerr. Of course all the VS angels would make beautiful Boobypack Angels but it doesn't hurt that she has 3.7 MILLION followers on Instagram. 

    Q:On what occasion did you last wear a Boobypack?
    This morning to SoulCycle! 

    Q: What's your favorite thing about living in SF?
    A: How dog-friendly it is. I have a little King Charles Spaniel named Bean. Going from living in a 3 story shoebox-sized walkup in NYC to a house with a backyard has made life a whole lot easier. There's also so many hiking trails and outdoor activities I can take her on. The other weekend she tried paddle boarding for the first time!

    Q: When you're not in a Boobypack, what's your go-to outfit for a regular day in SF?
    A: Jeans, flats, a t-shirt and a sweater. The beauty of working for myself now is that I can put comfort first. I gave away all my pencil skirts and I've yet to wear heels out here.
    To shop CC's look, click here.

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  • Spring Looks by Ali from "A Dash of Details"

    Posted 03 April 2014

    Q&A with the girl behind the blog
    A Dash of Details is a Fashion and Lifestyle blog started in 2010, where Ali shares her favorite trends, travels, and little life details from her current home base of Dallas, Texas.

    Q: Describe your personal style in three words
    A: Classic, casual, and feminine.

    Q: What's the one thing in your closet that you're constantly reaching for?
    A: The perfect white or grey tee. It's something classic that can be dressed up wtih a blazer and skinny pants, or dressed down with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

    Q: Why did you choose these particular items to style?
    A: With Spring in full swing in Dallas there is nothing more classic than a Saint James Tee. I paired my favorite striped top with white denim shorts, and my new favorite Lisi Lerch tassel earrings for a cute, casual weekend look. 

    Top // Bracelet // Scarf (Similar) // Shoes (Similar) Shirt // Bracelet // Shoes (Similar) // Earrings


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  • Behind the Scenes at the Julie Vos Headquarters

    Posted 21 March 2014

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be surrounded by gorgeous jewels all day long, nonstop?  Well, we had the chance to peek behind the scenes at Julie Vos' New York City Headquarters with Carly, Julie Vos employee and close Tuckernuck friend. After playing a quick game of dress-up with Julie Vos' newest collection, Carly agreed to let us snap a few pictures of the space, and of her meeting with Julie, the designer.  What a treat to spend a Friday afternoon in a jewelry-filled haven.

    To shop Carly's look, click here.

    Leopard Shift Dress // Julie Vos Collection

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  • Maddy's Bridal Shower: Monograms & Mimosas

    Posted 06 March 2014

    With 3 months until the big day, six lovely ladies threw Tuckernuck Founder, Maddy, a bridal shower.  One special family friend led the charge, and gave Martha Stewart a run for her money as she thought of every last detail, down to a "wedding cake" made out of monogrammed towels. Friends from DC, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco gathered to celebrate, including Tuckernuck teammates and bridesmaids, Jocelyn, September, Sophie and Emily. Here is a quick recap of our favorite details. 
    Maddy's Dress // Maddy's Thank You gifts to the hostesses
    Shop Maddy's full collection Bridal Shower Gift & Attire Picks!

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  • Founder's Sale Picks

    Posted 28 February 2014

    Click here to shop jocelyn's picks

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  • Day to Play: Del Toro Smoking Slippers

    Posted 26 February 2014

    You might remember Annie from way back when, in one of our very first blog posts shot in DC.  This long-time Tuckernuck friend agreed to model for us again, this time in New York.  Annie decided to sport a pair of Del Toro Smoking Slippers around Soho, demonstrating the surprisingly versatile day-to-play powers of these shoes.  First, she wore them with a trench and a button-down for an afternoon of errands around her neighborhood.  Then, she dressed them up with some of our favorite earrings from Loren Hope and an oversized clutch.  We're strong believers that the right footwear is the base for every great outfit, and Annie has us completely sold on these edgy-yet-classic, velvet slippers.
    To shop Annie's look, click here.


    Shoes // Ring (similar) // Blouse (similar) // Statement Earrings // Bag // Clutch (similar) // Leggings (similar


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  • Desk to Drinks: Tracy Reese Beaded Cardigan

    Posted 14 February 2014

    We're always hunting for pieces that look great any time of year, day, or decade, which is why we're head over heels for this beaded cardigan from Tracy Reese.  We met up with Katie, of the blog Katie's Bliss, who showed off the super-powers of this dynamic little jacket as she wore it from the office to Friday night happy hour, with a simple swap of shoes and a swipe of rouge lip color, giving new meaning to the word "timeless."
    To shop Katie's look, click HERE.
    Flats (similar here and here) // Heels (similar) // Necklace // Jacket // Clutch // All Items Here

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  • Designer Spotlight: Camilyn Beth

    Posted 11 February 2014

    After an afternoon of mimosas and mini sweets at our pop-up shop in DC, we went for a stroll with the stunning sisters behind the dress brand Camilyn Beth.  The two wore dresses from their current collection along with some of their favorite accessories from Tuckernuck,   Cami (the redhead) is the designer behind the brand, and Ashton models her sister's masterpieces.

    We loved how Cami added a belt at the waist of her dress to give it a bit of definition and personality, "I styled the Go Go dress with this sweet little Raina belt with a pineapple emblem. The pineapple reminds me of the pineapples my mom grows in Florida."  And, Ashton wore her dress with a White + Warren Cashmere Wrap, the one item in her closet she claims she reaches for the most, "It's easy to slip in my bag and throw over my shoulders when I get cold."

    We're taking tips from these two experts as we style these charming, retro-inspired dresses for Valentines Day, cocktail parties, and everything in between.

    To shop these looks, click HERE.

    To shop these looks, click HERE.


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  • An Accessories Arsenal to Fight the Cold

    Posted 28 January 2014

    With temperatures dropping dangerously close to zero, we're trying to find as many ways as possible to stay warm right now. Wool scarves, winter sports, sweater-wearing beers, and good company definitely help the frostbite.  We met up with Nick and Nick, old old friends, lacrosse teammates, and lifelong NY Rangers fans, for a drink after a day on the slopes.  These guys wore some of our most functional cold-weather gear with their skiwear, proving that an arsenal of simple, hearty classics is really all you need to battle the winter cold.

    To shop these looks, click here.

    Knockaround Sunglasses // Shearling Aviator Hat // Freaker Koozies // Blue Quarter Zip (similar) // Water Resistant Shell (similar)


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  • Tried and Tested: The Sherpa-Lined Barbour

    Posted 15 January 2014

    Designed in one of the world's coldest, dampest climates, Barbour jackets tend to have a magical ability to withstand the dreariest, most bitter winter days. We decided to put our favorite, sherpa-lined Barbour to the test with Lauren, of the blog Girls of Lincoln Park.  We wrapped this brave Chicago lady in cashmere, handed her the equally as tough outerwear, and headed out to face the unrelenting winds of the West Side Highway.  The result?  We'll be reaching for this ultra-warm outerwear on all of the most frigid days this season.
    To shop Lauren's look, click HERE.

    Jacket // Cashmere Wrap // Shirt (similar) // Bracelets & Ring (similar)

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  • Jake + Adam Aprés Ski

    Posted 09 January 2014

    Alright, we know it's not easy to look great on the slopes (ski skills aside), but when it comes to the après scene--flannels, sweaters, a durable boot--we've got you covered. We caught up with Jake and Adam after a day of skiing in Colorado, where they sported their favorite plaid shirts with cool, cold-weather accessories--an Argentine cowboy-inspired La Matera belt for Adam, and a needlepoint Smathers and Branson Ski Tricks belt for Jake.  These guys know how to clean up after a day in powder.  To shop their looks, click here.

    Shop the Look or Similar Styles Here

  • Cate's Cross Country Skiing Accessories

    Posted 03 January 2014

    Fresh snow, blue skies, cashmere...really, what's better?  We met up with Cate, founder of Boston's first (and coolest) indoor cycling studio, in Aspen for some cross country skiing--of course this super-fit entrepreneur prefers an active vacation. We were thrilled to find that Cate had bundled up in some of our favorite cold-weather essentials for an afternoon outside--Lisa B. socks, Red's shades, a Crown Cap hat, and our must-have cashmere travel wrap. These ultra-warm accessories were absolutely perfect for an afternoon in the snow, while Cate's wrap and cashmere socks looked just as chic for a fireside après ski hot cocoa (with extra whipped cream).  

    To shop Cate's look, click HERE.

    To shop Cate's look, click HERE.


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  • Tips from a Southern Gal: Pecans, Party Dresses, and Entertaining

    Posted 24 December 2013

    Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee; Lucia knows a good southern thing when she sees it.  So, we weren't surprised at all when she picked out one of our Camilyn Beth party dresses to wear for this photo shoot.  We caught up with Lucia this week to play dress-up and chat about upcoming holiday plans and her tips on entertaining.  Lucia brought along her family's famous spiced pecans, which her grandmother first made on their farm in Crenshaw, Mississippi with extra pecans from the trees lining their property.  Lucia's family has carried on her grandmother's tradition and still makes and sells Billie's Pecans today--we loved sampling the flavors as Lucia told us all about their history. Of course, Lucia loves bringing her family's nuts as a party favor this time of year, but she also filled us in on some of her other favorite South-inspired holiday and entertaining traditions...
    Q&A with Lucia: Entertaining Tips

    What southern holiday and/or entertaining traditions do you bring up north with you?

    Southern food, for sure.  I love making food from family recipes that have been passed down for generations. Food’s better when it has a little history.  This is one of the main reasons I love serving Billie’s Pecans— brings back such happy memories of my grandmother (not to mention, they’re delicious!).

    What's the one thing you like to have at every party you host?

    Fried pickles with Al Green in the background. I’m from Memphis, so JT is obviously up there on the music list as well!

    What are your top 3 party planning tips for every hostess?

    Plan ahead.  There is nothing worse than having to run all around town right before your party starts trying to gather up last minute things.I’m one of three girls. Growing up, we always saw ourselves as a team when we were hosting-- someone was in charge of music, someone in charge of food and drinks, and someone in charge of décor. Today, my sisters and I all live in different cities, but I still find myself asking friends to co-host parties with me.  I think it makes the party planning process more manageable and fun:)  Have fun!  Sometimes I think people feel overwhelmed hosting—trying to make sure that everyone is happy, has a drink, etc.  While this is definitely important, chances are your guests are happy, and you should be too!

    What are your top 3 etiquette tips for every party guest?

    Bring a bottle wine, enjoy the party, and write a thank you note.


    To shop Lucia's look, click HERE.

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  • Mackenzie + Carly's Christmas Shopping Lists

    Posted 13 December 2013

    It's hard to beat Christmastime in New York, isn't it?  To celebrate the season, we caught up with Carly and Mackenzie for a little Christmas shopping on New York's Upper East Side last week. The city's decorated windows, lit up streets, and a quick duck into the Barbour store were enough to put all of us in the Christmas spirit...and to inspire Carly and Mackenzie's gift lists (hopefully the recipients of these awesome gifts aren't reading).  First on Carly's list was a Barbour jacket for Teddy, her absolutely tiny new puppy.  Once we found his perfectly small tartan overcoat in the nearby Barbour store, we rushed home to give it to him, and sat down to figure out what to get everyone else on their lists...

    To shop their lists, and the outfits the girls wore shopping, click HERE.

    To say that we squealed when we found a coat small enough for Teddy would be an understatement.  We totally knew it was made for him.  And, I think we were right...

    To shop these lists, and the outfits these girls wore on our outing, click HERE.

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  • The Shirt with a Million Uses

    Posted 19 November 2013

    If you don't already know Victoria, of VMac & Cheese, let us introduce you.  This California-girl-turned-New-Yorker perused our Fall/Winter collection and selected some of her favorite items for a casual photo shoot in her new, New York neighborhood.  Victoria wore the magically-adaptive, always cool Saint James stripes with a tortoise chain necklace before completely transforming it with sparkly jewels and a blazer.   One part West Coast casual, one part Uptown chic, and entirely classic, Victoria's looks were perfect for an afternoon of coffee dates and work on her patio, and transitioned seamlessly to a drink date with her husband at the end of the day.  
    To shop Victoria's look, click here.

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  • Desk to Drinks: The Skater Dress in Boston

    Posted 11 November 2013

    Meet Jessye, Creative Director by day, blogger for her site, City Tonic, by night.  Jessye's schedule requires her to look professional yet casual for work, and prepared to explore Boston after hours for her blog.  We caught up with Jessye on our last trip up north, where she styled our Amanda Uprichard Skater Dress for daytime, then drinks.  First, Jessye popped on a silk button-down and a tweed jacket to dress down her look while playing up the dress's flared skirt.  She then added heels, a clutch, and a leather jacket for a more dressed up, nighttime look.  Jessye's two ensembles were not only perfect for work and play, but also reminded us that a jewel-toned dress in a pretty silhouette can be a refreshing and equally as versatile alternative to your go-to little black dress.

    To shop Jessye's look, click here.

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  • Styled 3 Ways: The Audrey Jacket in Boston

    Posted 30 October 2013

    Earlier this month, we met up with Laura, of the blog LoSoFancy, on a pitch perfect fall morning in Boston.  After browsing through a some of our favorite items for fall, Laura decided to show off the versatility of the Audrey Jacket by styling it for three different occasions...
    First, Laura paired the jacket with colored jeans, a Saint James top, tortoise necklace, and booties for an easy weekend look.

    Next, Laura popped the blazer over a striped shift and added a pair of wedges for a work-ready ensemble
    Finally, Laura wore the blazer over a simple white tee, and added some sparkly jewels and a clutch for a casual yet polished look, perfect for a dinner or drinks date.
    We've always loved the Audrey Jacket, but after Laura demonstrated its ability to elevate any outfit to the next level of chic, we decided to love it even more.  
    Shop Laura's look here.

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  • Styled Three Ways: The Essential Anorak

    Posted 23 October 2013

    We're always on the lookout for pieces that are versatile enough to suit any occasion, continuously answering our "what to wear" dilemma, and making their price per wear ratio justifiable.  What's better than investing in something that you'll feel great wearing anywhere, time and time again, for years to come?  This is why we've always been fans of Ali Ro's signature anoraks.  We fell even harder for these jackets when we discovered this weightier, herringbone-lined version for fall. Not only is this easy outer-layer the perfect weight for transitional weather, but it can also be worn rain or shine, to the office or on Sunday mornings. Our friend Mary Grace proved it, as she agreed to let us tag along and snap a few pictures of her as she wore the jacket from the gym to work, and then over her weekend attire for brunch with friends.  She looked completely comfortable and polished for each occasion, officially putting this jacket on our list of absolute wardrobe essentials. 

    To shop Mary Grace's look, click here.

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  • An Ode to the Button Down

    Posted 17 October 2013

    Oh, let us count the ways we love button downs.  With daytime temperatures steadily in the 60's, sweater weather is still a few weeks off, yet tees and tanks are weeks behind us, leaving us in sleeves and collars seven days a week. We met up with Megan, Emily's friend from college, and her boyfriend Tyler, who sported some of our favorite of these staples on a brisk afternoon in New York.  The two looked perfectly season-appropriate (and, let's add, happy) as they strolled through Central Park after work.  Once the streetlights turned on and the temperature started to drop, Megan popped on her Barbour jacket, reminding us of another fall essential, and the two headed to dinner.  We're already imagining these collars peeking out of sweaters come winter, and paired with shorts come early spring.  
    Fun fact about Megan: Both her brothers and her Dad have served in the Marine Corps, and she was known among college friends for her love of all things red, white, and blue.
    Fun fact about Tyler: He was snatched up by Abercrombie & Fitch scouts in middle school and was featured in their advertisements as a pre-teen!
    To explore our collection inspired by Megan and Tyler, click here.

    Shop the Look or Similar Styles Here

  • Indian Summer at the District Flea

    Posted 11 October 2013

    Brought to Washington by New York's famed Brooklyn Flea, the District Flea is making its debut in DC for a trial run in the city's up-and-coming Shaw neighborhood. On one of the hottest days this fall, a group of friends perused DC's finest consignment, antique, and vintage goods in style...
    Isabelle, in town visiting Sophie, our Creative Director, is no stranger to market finds. She gets her great eye for finding diamonds in the rough from her mom who has Princeton's most exciting consignment store, Jane. It's no wonder her vintage accessories (yes, that vintage Chanel bag) are pretty awesome. After traveling from Hong Kong to London to Nairobi working in investment banking and retail consulting, Isabelle has finally landed back in New York City where she works for a retail investment fund. She walked away from the market with a gorgeous bronze folding peacock fire screen for her new Manhattan digs. 
    Corey, close friend of Tuckernuck and always in the know about the freshest activities to try out in DC, was on the hunt for some accents for her Georgetown apartment. Don't let her gorgeous maxi dress fool you. Corey did some heaving lifting and walked away with some gorgeous vintage trunks (a perfect TV stand!) 
    Grace recently moved to DC where she works for an organization that promotes and facilitates democracies abroad. While Grace loves to travel and last called Cameroon her home, she usually stays true to her classic, new england roots when it comes to her style. We love how she paired her striped dress with a vintage-feeling statement necklace.
    Laura, visiting from Alabama, is a lab technician at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. She usually spends her time between collecting samples in the Gulf of Mexico and cataloging her findings in the lab, so she likes to look put together whenever she gets the opportunity to put on something other than a lab coat or fishing jump suit. She managed to make her blue skater dress look daytime causal by throwing on a chambray shirt beneath it. 
    To shop these looks, click here.

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  • Desk to Drinks: The Perfect Transitional Dress

    Posted 02 October 2013

    It's not easy to pull together an outfit that's as appropriate for 9 AM as it is for 9 PM, which is why we're always on the lookout for that perfect transitional piece to take us from desk to drinks.  Enter this embellished dress from Madison Marcus.  Our friend Laura wore it to the office with flats and a blazer, and then threw up her hair, added a swipe of lipgloss, and swapped her flats for heels for a drinks date after work.  We love how just a couple of simple tweaks helped this dress ease from work to play, making it one of our absolute favorite pieces this season.  We should also mention the bag that Laura used to tote that extra makeup and pair of shoes--the MZ Wallace Color Block Tote.  The perfect day-to-play dress meets the perfect day-to-play bag, a match made in heaven.
    To shop Laura's look, click HERE.

    Shop the Look or Similar Styles Here

  • Behind the Scenes at the Sail to Sable HQ

    Posted 27 September 2013

    We had the pleasure of meeting up with Jen, the designer behind our favorite tunics, at the Sail to Sable headquarters in New York City.  The sun-filled offices, Jen's contagious zest and the racks full of colorful tunics combine to create a lemonade-and-palm-trees kind of oasis in the heart of Manhattan.  Jen gave us a sneak peek into some of her upcoming collections, which included designs inspired by beach umbrellas in Bermuda and a yellow, vintage car she spotted in Palm Beach.  While we can't wait to get our hands on those vacation-ready pieces, we're ready to cozy up for fall in one of Jen's pretty corduroy designs as we make a bright transition into October...how about you?

    To shop these looks, click here.

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  • Friday Afternoon with Lemon Stripes

    Posted 25 September 2013

    Polka dots, an arm party, and a gold monogram...we know there are few things you love more.  Julia, of the blog LemonStripes, managed to pull together an ensemble that included all three.  We caught up with Julia last Friday afternoon for a stroll around her neighborhood, a far-east nook of New York City, steps away from the East River.  Julia wore an Annie Griffin polka dot top, an armful of bangles, and a Gigi clutch.  Julia's look was comfortable, polished, and cocktail-ready--in other words, pitch perfect for a Friday afternoon.
    To shop Julia's look, click here.

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  • Grace on the Go: From Pastels to Black & White

    Posted 16 September 2013

    Grace, founder of Nine Naturals, a line of safe and healthy beauty products for moms and moms-to-be, hosted a morning trunk show on Jocelyn's rooftop in Tribeca. She showed off her products while wearing some of her favorite Tuckernuck items.  Grace and Jocelyn's looks were perfectly bright and polished for a morning event, and lent themselves well to subtle accessorizing with colorful statement earrings and gold bracelets.
    Since meeting up with Grace once just wasn't enough, we caught up with her again later that week.  She wore a classic black and white ensemble, which she complimented with Tuckernuck accessories to match.  Her simple, sophisticated look was perfectly on-trend for fall.  We love how Grace added personalized touches to her black and white ensemble by wearing a black monogrammed necklace and white Asha zodiac pendants--one with her own zodiac sign and one with her daughter's.
    To shop items from any of these looks, click here.

    Shop the Look or Similar Styles Here

  • Contagiously Good Style

    Posted 23 August 2013

    Meet Tommy, boyfriend of and often photographer for Kat, of the blog With Love from Kat.  We thought it was about time for Tommy to step to the other side of the camera to show off his own look--after all, living with a fashion blogger certainly can't hurt a guy's sense of style.  Tommy agreed to meet up with us on Nantucket for a quick photo shoot.  He wore an Ultra Soft Striped Polo with faded red shorts, and added functional accessories like sunglass straps to anchor his shades, a harding lane hat for extra protection, and a Daniel Wellington watch to keep track of the quickly-passing summer day. Apparently, Kat's sense of style really is contagious.  Or maybe it's the other way around...

    Shop the Look or Similar Styles Here

  • Chic Simplicity

    Posted 14 August 2013

    Recognize this gorgeous blonde from our Holiday 2012 photo shoot?  Sarah, long-time friend of Jocelyn's from New York, agreed to model for us yet again.  This time she wore some of our Pre-Fall new arrivals on one of the hottest days of the summer...we really know how to put our friendships to the test, huh?  In spite of the hair-curling humidity and tar-melting temperatures outside, Sarah managed to look pretty cool in our Ali Ro Eucalyptus Dress.  She kept her cocktail-ready look simple and elegant by pairing the piece with subtle, low-heels and a graceful bun.  We think these images of Sarah in her funky, black-walled, Greenwich Village apartment are pretty much the epitome of chic.  Don't you agree?

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