Tuckernuck x ID.me
Tuckernuck x Heroes.
Powered by ID.me.
Tuckernuck x Heroes. Powered by ID.me.

What is the Tuckernuck
X ID.Me program?

Tuckernuck is proud to show our appreciation by offering an exclusive discount to those who protect and serve. Using the third-party authentication ID.me, we offer 15% off Tuckernuck apparel and accessories to military members, veterans, medical professionals, students, and teachers.

Verify with ID.me

How does the ID.me program work?

To join the ID.me program, you need to complete verification each time you order by clicking the ‘verify with ID.me’ link below. Once you are verified, you'll be redirected to our homepage to shop, or to your cart if you already have items ready for checkout.

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