A Fall Story: A Weekend In The Countryside


A Fall Story: A Weekend In The Countryside

September 24th, 2020

There was a stretch where the days all seemed to blend together, but the crisp weather and golden sunshine is distinctly different. It’s got us yearning for the great outdoors, so we head to the Connecticut countryside in our newest arrivals to experience fall at its finest.

Get your heart pumping with fresh air and a fresh new look — a perfect way to take in the scenery on a chilly, dewy morning.

Litchfield Country (est. 1719) is home to many farms, antique shops, farm-to-table restaurants, art galleries, and a ton of classic New England charm.

Pack up a charcuterie spread to nibble while you engage in (friendly) competition. Don’t forget your hat & sunnies!

Pour some wine, simmer those tomatoes and break up a fresh ball of mozz. The key to amazing pizza is kneading fresh dough — and we dare you to flip it like the pros.

We headed to a local brewery to check a box on our Find the Fun list — taste-test craft beers.

All dressed up with no place to go? Sounds ideal. There’s something romantic about glamming up to stay in, which is why we put it on our fall Find the Fun List. Order in or cook together — either way, it’s a delightfully modern take on date night.