Guest Editor: Jessica Mau


Guest Editor: Jessica Mau

March 17th, 2023

If you’re craving a breath of fresh air, look no further than Jessica Mau. A mother, model, avid gardener, and expert on all things wellness, Jessica’s authentic lifestyle and cool-girl persona is our current inspiration.

We spent an afternoon with Jessica and caught a glimpse into her daily routine, her best wellness tips, and how she juggles it all. Plus, we learned how to make her favorite daily beverage that’ll give you a caffeine and antioxidant boost. 

Nestled in the hills of Los Angeles, Jessica's home is full of calming colors, natural elements, and collectibles from her travels.

"My style is ease, mixed with comfort and a little bit of fun."

She began modeling on and off when she was 14, and became full-time after college. The hardest part of her job is travel, so she prioritizes her family time, aiming to keep her business trips short. While Jessica never expected to be modeling for as long as she has, she now truly appreciates her career and the flexible lifestyle it has given her.

So, what is that lifestyle? She loves a slow morning routine, starting with her homemade matcha latte, followed by chatting, reading, and playing background mantras with her husband and daughter. While cooking her daughter breakfast, she’ll light their favorite incense sticks to create a soothing environment. 

Jessica  finds the fun in being healthy, viewing it as a hobby. In her own words, one of the best ways to kickstart your health routine is to “process your emotions.” Up next on the list? “Eliminate sugar, drink good water, and cook your own food.” 

And if you need any more inspiration on how to slow down, explore nature, and find joy in the simple things, just channel Jessica’s idea of tuckernucking: “Going to a local coffee shop for a fancy coffee somewhere, then finding a good river spot to jump into.” 

Matcha Latte Recipe

1/2 Teaspoon of Ceremonial Grade Matcha
1-2 Tablespoons of Coconut Butter
4-6 oz of Hot Water
Blend all ingredients in a blender.
Pour in your cup of choice and enjoy!
Note: if you prefer to use milk instead of coconut butter, whisk 2 oz hot water with matcha powder and then blend with 4-6 oz hot milk of choice.
Optional add-ons for sweetness and flavor: Maple syrup to taste, honey to taste, cinnamon to taste, lavender syrup to taste.

At a Glance with Jessica Mau

More about Jessica Mau

Best beauty tips?

Red light therapy for my skin, adding silica to my water, and the Lyma Laser. 

In her bag:

Headphones, perfume, herbal salve, teabags, and sunglasses. 

Currently watching?

The Crown 

Currently listening to?

Indian Ragas, Malvina Reynolds

Solids or stripes?


Style inspiration:

Annie Hall