Jocelyn's Nantucket Getaway


Jocelyn's Nantucket Getaway

July 24th, 2018

Welcome to Nantucket, a magical island that boasts something special for everyone. Tag along as our co-founder, Jocelyn, invites us to share a jam-packed long weekend with her and her active young family.

Morning Clamming

Nantucket is not your average beach trip; of course it has a plethora of relaxing beaches, but the best way to truly understand the beauty of this island is to make an effort to interact with nature. Our activity of choice this weekend was early morning clamming. It’s fun for all ages and being able to catch your dinner is so rewarding.

Dinner at Topper's

Topper's is a renowned restaurant located on a remote part of Nantucket. We trek out there once a year as a family and marvel at the gorgeous sunsets and spectacular food.

Strawberry Picking at Bartlett's Farm

Picking Hydrangeas

No flowers, no problem. Everywhere you look something is in bloom and you can’t help but be inspired around every corner. We love fresh cut arrangements every evening.

Family Dinner

Ice Cream in Town

A Walk at Tupancy Links

I hope you enjoyed my little window into Nantucket. Cheers!