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The Holiday Lifestyle Guide

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To prep for this holiday season, we hit the road to visit friends and family who inspire us with their festive style – from their heads-to-toes, to what they’re wrapping up for others. Armed with a bowl-full-of-jelly’s worth of tips, we’re wishing you a very merry season packed with warm fires, sweet treats, and too many repeats of your favorite holiday album. In return, give us a teeny bit of credit when you get the award for best-gift-giver ever, ok? Or at least credit our experts, introduced below.


The Tuckernuck Team

My number-one rule for travel is to try to immerse yourself locally and experience the culture you are in first hand. There is nothing I love more than getting tips from friends or being connected to a local to feel the soul and vibe of a place. Whether it's trying every foreign food on the menu in a hole in the wall restaurant, getting lost in random little streets, finding the remote beach, searching for the hidden artisanal markets or attempting to dance to music you don't know how to move to, it's the most exciting way to feel apart of a culture. It sounds clichéd, but head off the beaten path. Memories are made – and treasures are found – being guided by local secrets.

Pack light, and bring a few staple pieces that can be paired with everything! As an environmentalist, I'm conscious that every pound counts when flying; the more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. I also always pack a reusable water bottle and my own snacks when flying.

The holidays are all about spending time with the people I love, and I try to find small, meaningful ways to express my gratitude throughout the season. I love the tradition of sharing something homemade -- my go-to is spiced nuts in a festive tin.

Cute pajamas. Buy them. Pants especially – pair them with your favorite cozy cashmere sweater or fleece and a great pair of socks or slippers and you’ll be the happiest hostess around. I like to tell my guests before they come over that “pjs are preferable” – it makes them more likely to get comfy on the couch, really dig into the cheese plate, and have that extra glass of wine!

I like exploring in my own back yard, so to speak. And I like to plan well-rounded adventures, so a game of pick-up ice hockey on the canal ends with a craft cocktail, and a Shenandoah hike ends with a massage and fondue. Introducing friends to gems that have been hiding right in front of them for years gives me great joy.

When I throw a dinner party, I always have a signature cocktail. It adds a bit of unexpected flair that makes the evening feel unique and fun. I also love putting the table together. with different flowers and themes. It’s also fun to have a little on-theme gift at each place-setting.