Don’t fall victim to a scam!

Tuckernuck only sells its products on its official website www.tnuck.com.

It has come to our attention that third parties impersonating Tuckernuck are illegally using the Tuckernuck brand to commit fraud, especially on the internet and on social media. These fraudsters are targeting consumers and potential customers in advertisements and/or on social media, falsely promising products at a discount, sample sale events or under false promotional campaigns (e.g., sweepstakes or special sales). These fake and fraudulent advertisements are being posted by websites and social media accounts that are not and have never been affiliated with Tuckernuck and will redirect you to their site, where a request for payment information is almost always involved.

As a valued Tuckernuck customer, we urge you take the following precautions to protect yourself against scammers:  

  • Identify the website:  we do not advertise any products, promotions, or sales from any website other than through the official Tuckernuck website www.tnuck.com
  • Identify the social media accounts:  we do not advertise any products, promotions, or sales from any social media accounts other than the official Tuckernuck social media accounts: @Tuckernuck, @TuckernuckDC. 
  • Identify the email:  we do not send emails from a public email account (e.g., Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).  Tuckernuck emails only come from:  hello@tnuck.com, info@tnuck.com, customerservice@tnuck.com
  • If you have questions about an offer or promotion that is advertised as being made by Tuckernuck, please contact Tuckernuck customer service directly at tnuck.com/pages/contact-us so that we can confirm before you attempt to purchase anything.
  • Look for any spelling and/or grammatical errors in ads, emails, and websites. 
  • Last but not least, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.