Vendor Operations One Pager

Updated April 2023

Tuckernuck Warehouse Delivery Information:


C/O Whiplash
1675 Beggrow Street
Dock Door 28
Lockbourne, OH 43137

Email Tracking and Shipping info to

Receiving Hours: M-F 8:30am to 4:00pm EST

Deliveries will not be accepted outside hours and vendor will be responsible for any extra charges incurred

Scheduling Guidelines:
Parcels: No appt needed
1-5 pallets LTL: No appt needed
For 5+ pallets LTL or FTLAppt needed 24 in advance by email @ 

All sample inventory will still ship to our office located at:

1250 24th Street NW
Suite 250
Washington, DC 20037

All Vendors are obligated to adhere to the requirements as stated in the Vendor Operations Manual and any Purchase Order. Please see highlights below:

SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS: The Vendor is required to get permission to ship at any time, including both bulk and sample shipments. All shipments must contain a packing slip that includes the following:
    • Tuckernuck PO number (provided by Tuckernuck Buyer)
    • Style Numbers, Color Names (color codes must always be accompanied by a color name) & Sizes
    • Quantities (broken down by style, color, and size)
    • Carton count

CARTON/PALLET LABELING: A packing slip must be easily identifiable and sealed in a waterproof pouch that has been secured to the exterior of the carton. If there are multiple cartons in a shipment, the packing slip should be secured to carton #1. All cartons should be marked sequentially (e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, etc.). 

    • All non-parcel shipments must be palletized. All cartons on pallets must be clearly identifiable with Tuckernuck PO Number, Style Numbers, and Vendor Name clearly marked.

ITEM PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS: Each unit must be labeled with a scannable barcode on the outside of the item’s packaging, easily accessible without opening the product (e.g. stickers on polybags, shoe boxes, garment bags, etc.).  For fragile items, each unit must be individually and tightly packaged with bubble wrap, foam, or airbags to ensure the item does not move around in transit. All cartons must be identified with a FRAGILE sticker.  Any merchandise that arrives damaged/unsellable at the point of receipt will be subject to a chargeback and returned to the Vendor at Vendor’s cost within 30 days of receipt date.

    CHARGEBACKS: Failure to comply with the requirements highlighted above and detailed in the Vendor Operations Manual will result  in a chargeback. Failure to ship orders to the requested locations will result in a $500 chargeback, and the Vendor will be responsible for any additional shipping expenses.


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