How to Throw a Tree Trimming Party


How to Throw a Tree Trimming Party

December 14th, 2017

After moving into a new home—or a new office—decorating an entire Christmas tree can prove to be quite challenging. When we got our very first Christmas tree here at the Tuckernuck offices, it became quickly apparent that our ornament collection couldn't fill the glorious branches. Sophie, our Creative Director, decided to throw a tree trimming party for the office and neighbors. She shows us how to host a festive party to add some much-needed decor to a Christmas tree.

Our new office, nestled into a cobblestone street, feels a lot like a cozy home. The purpose of a tree trimming party is to invite friends over to help decorate a tree, especially right after moving into a new home (or office).

We served an office favorite for the holidays... Hot Toddies! There's nothing like a warm, spicy cocktail like this to really get you in the holiday mood.

We also set up an ornament-making station. We had cut outs of photos of the the team and all sorts of fun construction paper and glitter. There were some pretty hilarious, kitschy ornaments made for our tree.

We had a great time decorating our tree for the first time in our new office, and I'm sure this is a tradition we will follow for many jolly Christmases to come. Now let's just hope our glue and glitter ornaments stand the test of time.