Maddy's Baby Shower


Maddy's Baby Shower

July 31st, 2018

This June, Jocelyn threw her younger sister and Co-Founder Maddy a baby shower! In celebration of a new baby and the magical blooming DC, the party theme paid homage to the summer season. Gorgeous gardens and floral wallpaper set the backdrop while cakes adorned with fresh berries and activities including flower arranging combined for a fabulous summer party. Interactive surprises throughout the party led to lots of laughs and tears as people told memorable stories.

June in DC is a magical time of year where everything is in bloom. It was only fitting that Maddy’s baby shower was inspired by flowers. From the wallpaper to the lush gardens, our venue celebrated spring in all its color.

We had a lovely lunch buffet that included a variety of tea sandwiches (my co-host and mom’s favorite treat), gazpacho shooters, avocado toast, and fruity cocktails like white wine spritzers and the club’s signature planter’s punch! Maddy requested the flag cake by Martha Stewart in anticipation of her favorite holiday, July 4th!

Whenever I throw a party, I love having at least one interactive activity, especially if it is a celebration where not everyone knows each other. This allows for a fun ice breaker. We had a few little surprises along the way.


" This was a collaborative activity where the guests guessed which photo went with which relative of Maddy and her husband. We passed out the cards during the cocktail hour and announced the winner when we sat down for lunch. "

These days baby presents are so functional and are often delivered to the mother-to-be directly from a registry. This process makes everyone’s life easy. Rather than encouraging guests to bring their registry gifts to the event, we asked them to bring a favorite children’s book for the baby’s library.


Instead of watching as Maddy opened up gifts, we had each guest stand up, introduce themselves and tell us about their book and why it was special to them. So many people had beautiful stories about their childhood or reading to their children. It made us realize how special these books are to mothers and children and how special this first library will be to Maddy and her baby.

The final piece of the party was something creative. At each person’s seat was a small empty vase. We had a florist come to give us a flower arranging lesson.