Guest Editor: Emerson Fry


Guest Editor: Emerson Fry

July 3rd, 2018

A Tuckernuck Girl inspires us with her zest for life, intelligence, unique sense of style, kindness, and talent. We have been fans of the designer Emerson Fry long before Tuckernuck even existed. The eponymous brand is designed and run by a wife-husband duo from their serene farm in New Hampshire. Learn more about Emerson’s dreamy life, how she finds inspiration, and balances being a mom to adorable twin girls and being a hardworking entrepreneur. It’s safe to say our love for this designer is only growing stronger.

I find inspiration as an artist and designer in the harmony everywhere. Surprises everywhere. Endless opportunity for looking in awe. You can go out into the quiet in nature and pick out all the leaves, or the shells or the rocks and see that every color exists in all of them. And the smallest shell is the most amazing little work of art. Who designs all this! Intricate beauty beyond comprehension. Perfect in every way. Love letter to the stars.

I also get inspiration from the history of clothing – to watch how things repeat and recycle with new perspective in a new era. Something that was discarded as out of style looks totally exciting again. This is an example of knowing that nothing in style is inherently good or bad – its right at the right time, and then it needs to take a nap. One has total freedom to have fun with the changing shapes of things without getting attached. Fashion is great for that.

Our business has an enormous vintage archive of things from simple 60s shifts to ethereal 50s prom dresses to Spanish matador boleros. Taking elements from these pieces helps to continue modernizing elements that should live forever, in one form or another.

Dressing is one of the great pleasures of life – even something so simple as a little ring worn on the little finger. Just slipping that on, that moment of being with your deliberate choice – and then noticing throughout the day how it looks nice on your hand. A nice private thing, a big-little pleasure. There are the days when all you do specially is your eyeliner and the rest is an easy comfortable uniform. and then nights where you wear that major thing for no reason other than it feels good.

Before having the girls I worked 100% of my waking hours. When we learned we were having our twins we knew we had to make a major change. Being with my daughters is my #1 priority and we need to have a successful business alongside that so we moved our offices to the barns on our farm which provided the needed flexibility and zero commute.

Because of our business we have a large vintage archive not just of clothing but of textiles and objects etc. If something is in our house it has to do one of 2 things: make joy just by looking at it, or make joy by using it frequently. If they don’t do either they need to go to someone else right away.

In general we have moved towards fewer things we really love in our home rather then lots of things we like. Other than that I don’t like things where I can’t see them. Out of sight out of mind issue. I prefer open storage for the most part. It also prompts me to be organized and that’s a good thing.

Business advice is the same as life advice: keep your mind open. Your big strength is flexibility in your thinking. Just stay hungry for the best ideas and you’ll find them. When something isn’t working go ahead and change your mind. Good news: you’re the boss of You. When you make a mistake you have to know that a mistake is made of gold– it’s the clarifying factor for how you want to be going forward. And challenges are no problem, just a normal part of the process to find the best way. Get into a habit of nodding to them on your way up. Lastly there are no rules, and there are no experts outside of you. You are the expert on you and your way. You are perfect and completely unique and so is your path. Trust yourself to rise to the occasion and friend you will rise. Fall in love with that fact and enjoy the ride up.

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