The Fall Lifestyle Guide


The Fall Lifestyle Guide

September 17th, 2019

We can’t help but feel humbled by the genius that has found inspiration in the Berkshires before us; Norman Rockwell created famous works here and Moby Dick was written amongst the snowy hills. We channeled this creative energy and took to the enchanting landscapes to try out our fall arrivals, ideal for hiking, biking, painting, dining, dancing, and other fun fall pursuits. The results? Some great photos, a paint-smudged sweater (oops), full bellies, and an idyllic autumn weekend.

DAY 1. Bike

We arrive at the stunning Blantyre hotel and immediately grab a few bikes to explore the property.

DAY 1. Hike

A hike is an ideal way to spend the morning; layered up we enjoy the rolling hills, foliage, and fresh air (and we feel healthier already.)

DAY 1. Paint

In a place known for its artist community, we thought we should try our hand at painting. Don’t worry, we only got one smudge on these pretty fall sweaters.

DAY 1. Dine

We head to dinner at one of the best restaurants in the area in our party-ready fall dresses.

DAY 2. Roam

We walk a local pup and snap pictures in waxed jackets and autumnal plaids as we roam the 110 acre Blantyre estate.

DAY 2. Picnic

A concert and a picnic? Yes, please! Is there a better combo than cheese, crackers, cocktails, and great music?

DAY 2. Cards

Bundled up in one of the cozy common areas at Blantyre, we play a spirited, late night round of Hearts by the fire.