The Spring Tuckernuck Collection


The Spring Tuckernuck Collection

April 1st, 2019

Exciting News!

Today we announce the launch of our very own line of clothing and accessories, The Tuckernuck Collection. Our label will complement the carefully curated collection of classic and iconic clothes, shoes, and jewelry that we currently source from select, high-quality brands. Behind adding our own product line is a simple concept: we want to produce quality clothing and accessories that embody the Tuckernuck brand. See how we created this debut collection.

Co-founders Maddy and September go over the details the day we received our first samples!

A detail of some of our vintage-inspired fabrics.

Co-founder Jocelyn goes over our fabric selection with three of her little helpers.

A close-up of our inspiration board, which included our seasonal bucket list, photos from some of our favorite places, family snapshots, art, and more.

"Throughout coming up with the concepts for our own product line, we channeled our customers. They cherish time with friends and family, embrace holidays with gusto, and aim to satisfy their curious minds with travel, culture and humor. We wanted to make it easy for them to look great, be comfortable, and have fun."

– Jocelyn, CEO and co-founder

"This season we were inspired by the simple abundance of spring, and the clean, verdant vibe of a country sunroom. From flowering vines to sweet stripes, the patterns are crisp and the colors soft, evoking rustic sophistication."

– Sophie, Creative Director

"To find silhouette and print inspiration, we dug into our moms’ closets and photo albums in search of pieces we felt we couldn’t find on the market today. We also really focused on the details; we wanted to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the price."

– September, Co-Founder

"We have been very involved in the design process from the beginning! When designing our line, we thought of all the fun places we wanted to go in the clothing and accessories. We made sure that along side the other awesome brands we already carry, our product offering is easy-to-wear and chic."

– Maddy, Co-Founder