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The Summer 2019 Lifestyle Guide

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As the days grow longer and hemlines shorter, we’re craving adventures that offer an escape from the bustling day-to-day. Welcome to Sea Island, Georgia, where the word “vacation” may as well have been invented. Here, we tested out our newest summer arrivals horseback riding, sailing, biking, and more. Whether you’re spending the days of summer on Sea Island or are simply standing barefoot in your own back yard, here’s to fun, sunshine, and a little R&R.

We take our stripes out on the ocean for a little catch-and-release adventure.

The easiest (and most fun) way to get around the island is on 2 wheels.

Often voted the best smokehouse in the South, we head to this BBQ joint on St. Simon’s Island for a casual night out.

An early morning on the stadium clay courts is the time to escape the heat for a competitive match.

We keep our competitive streak going with a little pool-side shuffleboard in easy, colorful day dresses.

We don our most comfortable swim gear for a morning on the ocean.

We get a good walk in while searching for seashells that dot miles of the island’s coastline.

We hop on our four-legged friends for a dramatic seaside ride in our newest flowy summer tops.

All-aboard the Explorer for a sunset cruise amongst the marsh-lined waterways.