Guest Editors: The Weezie Founders, Lindsey & Liz


Guest Editors: The Weezie Founders, Lindsey & Liz

January 31st, 2022

It all started with a towel. Originally friends from college, Lindsey Johnson and Liz Eichholz had known each other for over a decade prior to starting Weezie. When Liz struggled to find quality towels she loved for her wedding registry, she approached Lindsey, who immediately agreed that there was a gap in the market.

Setting out to modernize luxury and introduce the world to the perfect towels and robes, they hit the ground running and started now cult-favorite Weezie. Since then, they’ve committed to making your everyday a special occasion, and bringing joy to your bathroom. We’re thrilled about our Weezie for Tuckernuck collaboration, and loved catching up with Liz and Lindsey on all things business, decorating, style and more.

Co-founder & CEO
Lindsey Johnson

On Running a Business
with a Friend:

"It’s so much fun and we feel so lucky to get to work alongside and learn from each other everyday! It helps us as individuals and as Weezie. We understand each other’s strengths (and weaknesses), and are always challenging each other, providing feedback, and asking questions."

On Weezie’s Mission:

Co-Founder &
Creative Director:
Liz Eichholz

On Essential Bathroom Decorating:

On Her Inspiration:

"I always return from vacation rejuvenated and full of ideas. Beyond that, good old print magazines, and Instagram of course! We are fortunate to have an incredibly supportive community within our Interior Design Program at Weezie. I find myself endlessly inspired by a scroll through their work."

More About Lindsey & Liz

Where are you currently living, and what is your favorite thing about it there?

Lindsey: My family and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent much of my childhood in Atlanta and it really feels like home. I love how bustling and vibrant it is, with endless neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants to explore. In addition to being a design hub of the southeast, Atlanta draws an incredible group of talented, smart people from all over, making it the perfect home for Weezie HQ.

How would you describe your personal style? Who are your personal style icons?

Lindsey: Classic with a twist. I love traditional pieces but always strive to have fun with my wardrobe, particularly in the form of accessories. Forever inspired by fashion and business icons Lauren Santo Domingo and Gwyneth Paltrow (her recent selfie in a Weezie robe was a real pinch-me moment).

If you could buy three things from the Tuckernuck website, what would they be and why?

Lindsey: Currently loving all things La Double J for their vibrant, wanderlust-evoking patterns! I’d pair this dress with these earrings from Tuckernuck’s collection (a go-to for statement earrings)! I’m then buying a Weezie Long Robe in Tuckernuck’s exclusive shade of green to wrap up in after a night out.Where are you currently living, and what is your favorite thing about it there?Liz: I live in my husband’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia with the rest of our creative team! Savannah is a dreamy place to call home and raise a family. I love it for its parks, architecture, and history. It really is a feast for the eyes, and I’m constantly inspired on my walks to our downtown office space. It also is a fabulous pace of life, everything moves just a little bit slower.

What is your idea of #tuckernucking and finding the fun in life?

Liz: I love this! To me, it’s about enjoying each and every day by feeling relaxed, comfortable, and confident. A great wardrobe (hello Tuckernuck!) can make every day feel like a vacation.

Solids or stripes?

Liz: Solids!