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Tuckernuck x Nantucket Reds™

Murray’s Toggery Shop is such a staple on Nantucket that their iconic, red-washed fabric is officially trademarked as Nantucket Reds™. This is the material we associate with our best summers on island and we’re excited to come together for the official Tuckernuck x Nantucket Reds™ collection for women.

“We’re honored to celebrate the uniform of Nantucket by designing a collection of contemporary silhouettes in the heritage fabric that means so much to us.”

—Tuckernuck co-founders, Jocelyn, Maddy, and September

About the Collection

Featuring versatile pieces for women in Murray’s signature fabric, consider this collection our modern twist on a Nantucket staple. We hope you’ll live in these styles and make the most of summer wherever your happy place may be.

Our founders Jocelyn, Maddy, and September with their families on Nobadeer Beach in Nantucket.


Murray’s Toggery Shop opened in 1916, with Philip Murray as its manager. In 1963, Phil began selling men’s pants made of a faded red cotton, which he called “Nantucket Reds,” perhaps not knowing the legacy and trademark the term would have. As interest and demand for the fabric grew, so did the collection, delivering pieces for every member of the family. Murray’s is now owned and operated by four members of the family’s fourth generation.

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